CKA: Feb 20, 2007

News and Notes

- The UFC has announced that Brad Imes will face PRIDE and K-1 veteran Heath Herring at UFC 69: Shootout.

- The Fight Network has received a tip from an anonymous source that the UFC has approached Cage Rage Middleweight Champion Zelg Galesic. It was originally reported that Galesic had signed with PRIDE but it has yet to be confirmed by the organization itself.

- PRIDE USA president Ed Fishman he’ll consider starting up his own MMA promotion if he cannot work out a deal with Nobuyuki Sakakibara to purchase PRIDE FC.

- The DVD for WEC 22: The Hitman can now be purchased online. WEC 22 was an event held to raise funds for the Bennett family. The show brought in an estimated $70,000 and $20,000 in donations.

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