Charles McCarthy Announces Retirement

Charles McCarthy. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Charles McCarthy, a longtime veteran of the UFC and Absolute Fighting Championships as well as one of the founding members of Florida-based American Top Team, has released an official statement announcing his retirement from the sport of mixed martial arts.

To all my friends, family and fans,

I would like to announce my formal retirement from Mixed Martial Arts competition. I have achieved many of the goals I set out to accomplish in this sport and found others just out of reach. It is now time for me to lay down my gloves and rededicate my attention towards my business, my fighters, my family and my team.

The successes I have found in my career are due in large part to all the great people who have helped me along the way. Being involved with the true champions at American Top Team has guided me to become a better father, husband, teacher and friend. Without the great generosity of ATT my life would have had a void. I hope that everyone reading can one day feel the love of a great family as I have.

Thank you to all who have supported Mixed Martial Arts. You have helped me live out a childhood dream of being a professional athlete. I am proud to say that in some small way I helped to grow our great sport and entertain fans across the world.

Some of the best friends I have made throughout my career I met on the other side of the cage. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to compete with them and entertain the fans.

On this day forward I would like to spend more time on other areas of the MMA world. I know going forward I will have the continued support of those who care for me.

“Chainsaw” Charles McCarthy


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