Charles “Mask” Lewis 1963-2009

“Hopefully, at the end of the day, it would be said that I encouraged people to encourage.  Encouraged you to believe in yourself way past where you believed you could go.  Get you to believe in something that’s way up here, that you don’t really want to touch it, you really don’t want to believe…man, go believe in that, and focus on that thing, and when you do that, that’s when you’ll do something that sets you completely apart from everybody else.  It just takes one idea.  One.  To change the course of your history, your kids history, and influence many a millions of others.  There’s just one, but you’ve got to go up in that one little part that you’re thinking is just so crazy…it only sounds crazy because nobody else is thinking about it.  That’s your special gift; you gotta get up there in that, Whatever it is.

—Charles “Mask” Lewis, June 23, 1963 - March 11, 2009

“Life is full of influences; It’s your application that sets you apart. That’s something I wrote to myself and completely believe in. You can’t be scared to set out to do something in life because you believe it may be similar to something, or because you don’t know the clear cut path on how you’re going to accomplish your goal or dream! Just take a step towards your belief daily - fearlessly, wholeheartedly, digging and dreaming within yourself, believing that as you push on through sacrifice, you will one day stand alone on top of a hill that you created that now encourages and inspires others to chase their dream. Knowing that through tenacity and patience anything can be achieved. If you simply believe.”

—Charles “Mask” Lewis, June 23, 1963 - March 11, 2009


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