CFFC 5 Results, Kimbo Submits Mercer

Internet and street fighting legend Kimbo Slice looked impressive in his MMA debut submitting former WBO World Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Ray Mercer in under two minutes.

Kimbo Slice VS Ray Mercer
Heavyweight Exhibition

Crowd chants for Kimbo. Mercer comes out to “Momma Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J. Mixed cheers and boos for Mercer but most people want to see Kimbo. Kimbo comes out to “This Is Why I’m Hot”, clearly showing Melvin Guillard’s cultural influence. Everyone is on their feet. Cheers drown out boos when Mercer is announced, but the crowd is erupting for Kimbo. They only announce him as “Kimbo” without the Slice. What happened? They jaw a bit during the standoff, crowd is on fire.

Round 1

Kimbo charges in, goes right for a takedown. Mercer grabs the cage but he goes down. Mercer up, they fight in the clinch. Big knees by Kimbo land. Mercer strikes but Kimbo answers with a combo and gets a double leg. Kimbo fighting, gets Mercer in to a choke. Mercer taps. Kimbo Slice wins by guillotine choke submission in round 1.

Crowd chants for Kimbo, it really looks like Mercer didn’t train properly for this at all. Kimbo seems to need work himself but the important thing is he got rid of his pride and went with what worked. Hardly a technical showcase, but hell, it was only an exhibition. Kimbo sits on the cage, raising his arms in victory. Tank Abbott is up now, approaching the ring. He congratulates Kimbo. Tank looks like he’s calling Kimbo out, points at him but they’re being respectful. That’s surprising. Kimbo calls out to the crowd, says he was training for MMA. He calls Tank out, says they have to talk and make the fight happen. They are starting to get aggressive, the crowd loves it and calls for Tank to jump the cage. Tank looks like he’s going to do it. CFFC suits say the fight will happen.

Props to for providing excellent coverage on the evenings event. Interesting to see MMA legend Tank Abbott in attendance and calling out Kimbo Slice. That could be an interesting fight…

CFFC 5 Results

Al Buck def. Brian Demuro - Decision (Unanimous)
Lyman Good def. Doug Gordon - Decision (Unanimous)
Nick Cantone def. John Howard - Decision (Unanimous)
Jim Miller def. Anthony Morrison - Submission (Triangle Choke)
Nick Serra def. Mike Varner - Submission (Armbar)
Dante Rivera def. Alexis Aquino - Submission (Heel Hook)
Gregor Gracie def. Josh Lydell - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Deividas Taurosevicius def. Kevin Roddy - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Josh Rhodes def. Noah Inhoffer - TKO
Kimbo Slice def. Ray Mercer - Submission (Guillotine)


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