Cesar Gracie Quits The World Fighter

Cesar Gracie has stepped down from his post as the matchmaker for The World Fighter and doing so he released the following statement via his website GracieFighter.com.

“I have officialy resigned from The World Fighter organization and have now no affiliation whatsoever with the show.

I was initially approached by the show’s president, Jason Aiello, when he requested that some of my fighters fight on the show. After hearing about the proposed sums of money to be payed to the fighters, I was cautiosly optimistic. My fighters were payed large signing bonuses and I was eventually contracted to work as a consultant and matchmaker for the organization. All of our checks cleared, leading me to believe that the show was a legitimate entity.

In the last couple of weeks there have been statements coming from the organization that I knew were inconsistant and erroneous. The website, theworldfighter.com is claiming to have a Renzo Gracie vs. Frank Shamrock fight signed for January at the Boardwalk Hall in New Jersey. This fight will not be happening and there is no show set for New Jersey. As far as I know there is not sufficient funding for any future show and my attempts to get financial disclosures were unsuccessful.

I realize that there are fighters that could possibly be turning down legitimate offers while they wait to fight on a show that will not be happening and I refuse to allow my name to be associated with an organization that continues to play a game of smoke and mirrors. -Cesar Gracie”


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