CBS, EliteXC Prep for “Saturday Night Fights”

Certainly not the big announcement that we were waiting for today, (thanks Gary) but the information released today is newsworthy nonetheless.

The “rumored” date for Elite Xtreme Combat’s first show on CBS is May 31st according to Yes, funny that EliteXC’s parent company is actually giving a rumored date for their biggest show ever but it likely means that while the two sides have probably come to some sort of an agreement, nothing is absolutely set in stone as of yet.

Advertisements for the new venture will apparently air tomorrow during CBS’s televising of the first round of the NCAA Tournament so keep a look out for that.

Final four picks in case you are curious:

David: (UNC, Texas, Georgetown, UCLA)
John: (Louisville, Kansas, Texas, UCLA)
Bill: (UNC, UCLA, Pitt, Wisconsin, with UNC takin it all)


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