Catching Up With Travis Lutter

Travis Lutter. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

While it seems like an eternity ago, it’s only been three months since the UFC decided to release Travis Lutter following his disappointing loss to former middleweight champion Rich Franklin in Canada back in May. After a pair of short stints inside MMA’s biggest promotion, Lutter has hit a crossroads in his career.

He’s primarily stayed out of the limelight since his departure - spending time with his family and running his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies in Forth Worth, Texas. However his fans will be happy to hear that Lutter has no intention of hanging up the gloves just yet.

“Right now I’ve just been spending my time running my schools and training, keeping in shape,” Lutter said during a recent interview with MMA on Tap. “The schools have been going great. We’ve been growing really well and really getting the sport out there. With more and more students coming in and learning, I’ve had more and more great guys to train with.”

With nothing on the horizon in terms of fighting, one has to wonder when Lutter will be getting back into action. His famous grappling skills have made him one of the most dangerous middleweights in the game, translating to a solid addition to any of the major organizations out there. Yet Lutter remains a free agent, biding his time until he is fully prepared to jump back into the fray.

“When I was released, the UFC didn’t really inform me of anything I would need to do in order to get back there so I guess I have to move on,” Lutter said. “I’ve been contacted by a good number of organizations but I haven’t signed anything just yet. I guess I’m technically still a free agent. Something will happen soon I’m sure.”

Coming up on Lutter’s agenda will be a trip over to Afghanistan as part of the upcoming “MMA Legends” tour (August 18-28), an opportunity to visit with the men and women who are currently stationed over there. It’s an event that Lutter is extremely excited about.

“A little while back I received an email asking if I’d be interested in going over there to visit with the troops and I immediately jumped on it,” Lutter said. “It’s going to be me and some other fighters. Not completely sure who will be coming along but I believe Mark Coleman is one of them. We’ll be doing some autograph sessions, taking tours of facilities, doing meet and greets, and all that stuff. I’m really pumped for it and honored that I was asked to be involved. I can’t wait”

MMA on Tap would like to thanks Travis for the interview. Travis is currently sponsored by Warrior Wear. You can check out their variety of clothing styles and MMA training wear at Also be sure to visit Travis Lutter’s official website.


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