Cage Rage: “It’s Business as Usual”

Andy Geer (left) and Dave O’Donnell. Photo courtesy of Ring Pics.

Just like his King of the Cage counterparts under the former umbrella of ProElite, Cage Rage promoter Dave O’Donnell is determined to continue to run his ship as if nothing happened to his organization’s parent company, starting with Cage Rage’s “Contenders 11” show on November 1.

From MMA Weekly:

Dave O’Donnell, the one constant since its inception, told of the demise of the brand’s parent company, “For Cage Rage it is business as usual. The next show is Contenders. It’s still going ahead. I can tell you that much.”

An interesting statement, and one that begs the question: so if ProElite pulls out of MMA with EliteXC, does that mean they are going to sell their umbrella brands back to their previous owners? “Put it this way, one way or another we will still keep going, maybe it’s eventually under another name, maybe it’s not, but we will still be here, that’s all I can say,” added O’Donnell.

The thought of continuing to promote under a different entity has become a strong possibility with multiple suitors likely planning on bidding for the ProElite brand names once the company officially goes under by the end of the week. Then again, ProElite could easily sell back the naming rights to both Cage Rage and KOTC seeing that potential buyers likely won’t hold any interest in them at the moment.


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