Bustamante and Minotauro Have Disagreement Over Nogueira’s UFC Contract

TATAME is reporting that Brazilian Top Team members Murilo Bustamante and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira had a disagreement after Nogueira signed a contract with the UFC before consulting his teammates at BTT. Bustamante provided his thoughts on the situation…

“That was a missunderstanding. Actually I said that I was a little bit upset because Minotauro didn’t tell the BTT that he did the contract with the UFC. Nodoby said in any moment that Rodrigo could be send out of the BTT. Even because he was the guy that ever showed to us his fidelity to the team”, told Bustamante

“I will stay here with Capoani because he will be fighting on May 12th, but when I came back I will sit down with Rodrigo to finish this thing”, said Murilo.

TATAME also caught up with former PRIDE heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira who stated he’d like to talk with Bustamante because his intent is to stay with BTT.

“I am going to Rio de Janeiro to talk about this situation, because my interest is stay in BTT. I am sure that if we get together, my way to UFC will be good for me and also for the BTT”, declared Rodrigo Minotauro.


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