Brutal! Brutal! Brutal!

Once again, FOX News has decided to run a negative piece (above) on mixed martial arts and once again, just like his fellow co-worker Sean Hannity over the weekend, Bill O’Reilly fails on many levels.

So why did a second O’Reilly smear attempt fail? Yet again, he neglected to do his homework.

Case in point with O’Reilly’s best quote of the segment:

“You’ve got this primetime show where they’re going to bring in two guys into a ring and they’re going to kick, and gouge, and punch, and make each other bleed and it’s going to now be available on broadcast television.”

Gouge Bill? Give me a break. It’s been almost two years since you were first made a fool of by Dana White and Rich Franklin and along with carrying the same argument, you still choose to be voluntarily ignorant towards the sport. I really wish your network would start hiring responsible journalists instead of biased shock jocks.

You know what I’d love even more? If FOX News actually requested the presence of a handful of bloggers/writers from different sites to come on and discuss the sport in O’Reilly’s “No-Spin Zone”. I’d put the over/under in terms of the amount of time before he cut everyone off for getting his ass handed to him at a minute and a half.

At least he didn’t refer to MMA as “ultimate fighting” this time around…


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