Broken Hand to Keep Vera Out Until May

Remember that broken hand Brandon Vera said he suffered in the fight against Tim Sylvia and then the Ohio Athletic Commission failed to report anything on it? Well guess what, it really was broken, at least according to Vera himself.

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Vera states that he broke his hand throwing his first punch of the fight:

“My thumb got caught and pulled back like a banana,” he says. “I held my breath and pulled it real hard and it didn’t go back in,” he continues. “I finished the first round, went back to my coaches, who were like ‘(expletive) your left hand, you don’t need it! Use your right hand.’ I was like cool, I won’t use my left hand.”

The bone that Vera broke is known as the ‘scaphoid’. The injury prevented him from bending the thumb towards his hand which in turn, didn’t allow him to throw a punch with his left hand. That’s exactly what we saw in the fight looking back at it.

According to Vera, the UFC wanted him to return at UFC 82 in March but his injury will not be fully healed until May at the earliest.


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