Brock Lesnar Suffering From Intestinal Infection

Brock Lesnar. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was hospitalized earlier this week after it was discovered that he was suffering from a bacterial infection in his intestinal tract.

According to the Associated Press, UFC president Dana White said, “He’s in stable condition and should be released soon.” White was encouraging Lesnar to check into the May Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for further evaluation and treatment.

Last month, Lesnar was forced to withdraw from his November 21 title fight with Shane Carwin when it was suspected that he was suffering from mononucleosis. is reporting that Lesnar was released from a North Dakota hospital on Tuesday and is recuperating from “minor surgery” at his home in Alexandria, Minnesota. Lesnar was hospitalized for 11 days where he underwent tests and surgery.

Lesnar’s close friend, Dr. Larry Novotny, spoke with and said, “His symptoms became severe whilein Canada, which because of their health care system made it difficult to manage. And at this point it’s a possibility that it could jeopardize his career. He wants people to know he is getting better and contrary to some rumors that he died, he is on the mend.”


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