Break It Down: The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale

MMA on Tap writers Scott White and John Chandler break down The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale fight-by-fight, including detailed predictions along the way.

The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale features a total of nine fights including a main event between lightweight contenders Roger Huerta and Clay Guida as well as the finals of season six: Mac Danzig vs Tommy Speer.

Jonathan Goulet vs. Paul Georgieff

Scott: Of all the the contestants fighting on The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale undercard, Paul Georgieff is being matched up in arguably the toughest bout. Jonathan Goulet possesses tons of experience, ever improving strikes, good wrestling and submissions. At this point Goulet will be too much for Georgieff and he’ll pull off the stoppage at some point in the first, likely by strikes.

John: Blake Bowman is the only TUF 6 contestant that won’t be competing since he blew out his ACL during the show and will be out for a while. So the UFC replaced him with Goulet. Bad news for Georgieff. Even if this fight goes to the ground, Goulet has the skills to match Georgieff’s submissions. I see Goulet pounding his way to a stoppage win as well.

Roman Mitichyan vs Dorian Price

Scott: Roman Mitichyan was eliminated from the show on the debut episode so I know very little about him but judging by his record he is well versed in submissions. All three of his victories have come by submission. If Mitichyan can withstand the strikes Price and take the fight to the canvas it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. Price showed fans that he is a very talented striker but still very green on the canvas. Saturday night we’ll get to see just how much work Price has put into his game since the show ended. I’ll take Mitichyan via submission.

John: I don’t really know much about Mitichyan either but I do know that all of his wins have come by submission. Something tells me that Mitichyan will want to put on a show to prove that he belongs in the UFC. I think he’ll stray away from his gameplan and try to stand with Price, which probably won’t work out well for him. I like Price by knockout in this one.

Matt Arroyo vs. John Kolosci

Scott: John Kolosci possesses the edge in wrestling and experience in this one but as we saw on the show, he is susceptible to the submission. Matt Arroyo was arguably the best BJJ practitioner on the show and I feel he’ll utilize his superior submission in this one to end it early.

John: I love Kolosci’s attitude but the dude has to add some submission defense to his arsenal. He seems to hold back whenever he steps into the Octagon and I don’t think that’s going to change just yet. I was pretty surprised that he was happy with his performance against Danzig in their last fight. This one is going to end pretty quickly. Arroyo by armbar in the first round.

Troy Mandaloniz vs. Richie Hightower

Scott: I missed the episode when Hightower fought so unless he catches Mandaloniz with an upperdecker, I’m taking Rude Boy by KO.

John: This fight is probably going to stay on the feet for the most part. Mandaloniz is the better striker but Hightower’s size might present a tough target. Mandaloniz will score enough points on the feet to earn a unanimous decision.

Ben Saunders vs. Daniel Barrera

Scott: I was really impressed with Ben Saunders during his time on the show. He’s got a great personality and he is a very well rounded fighter. I think this will be a repeat of their first bout with Barrera coming out strong but Saunders turning it up late securing himself the decision.

John: The fight on the show between the two definitely should have gone to a third round. Barrera made a huge mistake by not pouncing on Saunders after Saunders was clearly out of it. I don’t think he’ll make the same mistake twice and I see Barrera stopping Saunders with strikes at some point during the second round.

Billy Miles vs. George Sotiropoulos

Scott: Sotiropoulos was one of the favorites on the show and made it to the semi-finals unlike his opponent Billy Miles who dropped his first fight. Sotiropoulos is very mentally strong and is a great student. I feel the time off will be nothing but positive and when he enters this fight on Saturday he’ll make easy work of the bigger, stronger Billy Miles

John: Miles is a good wrestler but seems to be a little too aggressive in trying to get the takedown. I’ve heard that Sotiropoulos has been training with Matt Serra’s camp since the end of the show which can only have improved his overall game, especially his submissions. While I think Miles will be able to take George down pretty easily, I see him getting caught in a triangle within the first two rounds.

Jared Rollins vs. Jon Koppenhaver

Scott: Jared Rollins looked way too tentative during his appearance on TUF. He’ll be in a lot of trouble if he fights the same way as War Machine will be coming out going balls to the wall. I feel Koppenhaver will overwhelm Rollins and put him to sleep in first.

John: If Huerta-Guida doesn’t deliver for some strange reason, this fight has the potential to overtake it in terms of being fight of the night. These two have some unfinished business between each other and it will show in this one. The punch from George that knocked out Rollins in their fight didn’t look very hard in my opinion. I expect a slugfest that Koppenhaver will end in the first round.

Mac Danzig vs. Tommy Speer

Scott: I’m going with Danzig as he is much more experienced and well rounded. Speer will definitely have a strength advantage as he is a natural welterweight but I don’t think he’ll bring anything Danzig hasn’t seen before. Danzig will get the submission partway through the second.

John: My head keeps telling me to go with Danzig in this one but I’m going to pick Speer with the upset. He has a huge strength advantage and he might just be able to muscle his way out of Danzig’s submission attempts. Even if that’s not the case, he’s shown great defense on the ground as we all saw on the show. I see Speer coming away with a hard fought but close split decision.

Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida

Scott: I feel this fight has the potential to be fight of the year. This will be the first time that Roger Huerta is actually tested against a legit opponent who can go three hard rounds no matter what the situation. This a very difficult fight to call, it’ll be interesting to see how Huerta handles the tough competition. I want to pick Guida but for some reason I feel Huerta will step up and take the decision in what turns out to be a grueling 3 round war.

John: This fight definitely has fight of the year potential, I’m sure that’s why the UFC wanted to make it for free TV, which is awesome. Guida is going to be Huerta’s toughest test yet and it’s going to be interesting to see how he handles things during the course of the fight. I think they are even on the feet but I give Guida the edge on the ground because of his wrestling ability. This one is going the distance but I think Guida will come away with a split decision based on his takedowns which will earn him points on the judges’ scorecards.


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