Bosse Subs Sims in Controversial Fashion

Steve Bosse (center) poses with his trainer TKO President Stephane Patry. Photo courtesy of TKO Championship Fighting.

The controversy involving mixed martial arts referees and some of their decisions continued Saturday night during the main event of TKO Championship Fighting’s latest show in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which saw part-time popular hockey enforcer Steve Bosse submit UFC veteran Wes Sims in the first round.

The bout started off fairly normal. Bosse stalked Sims from the opening bell and tried to close the distance in order to land power shots. In a rare move, Sims jumped and pulled Bosse down to the mat with him, quickly pulling guard as well. Bosse unleashed a vicious ground-and-pound assault that forced Sims to roll to his back.

In the scramble that ensued, Bosse grabbed the fence in order to help gain leverage to keep Sims down on the mat. Referee Jerry Bolen moved in to penalize Bosse but inadvertently waved off the bout with his hands, much to the confusion of everyone in attendance. An irate Sims, who assumed that the stoppage would turn into a loss for him, kicked Bolen in the chest and was immediately scolded and restrained by ringside officials.

Sims’ longtime training partner, Mark Coleman, climbed into the cage and began to argue with Bolen as well. Despite Sims’ assault on Bolen and the mass chaos that ensued, order was eventually restored and the bout restarted minutes later. The restart saw Bosse stun Sims with a combination on the feet and then lock in an ankle lock on the Columbus, Ohio native, causing Sims to scream in pain and Bolen to stop the fight, once again receiving a tongue-lashing from Sims and Coleman in the process.

Adrian Wooley won a hard-fought, five-round unanimous decision over Danny Martinez to claim the vacant TKO bantamweight title in the night’s co-main event. Former TKO heavyweight champion Icho Larenas also earned a first-round stoppage of Aruba native Guido Carlo.

Complete results from the event:

Guillaume Lamarche def. Syd Barnier - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Eric Leclerc def. Devin Henry - Submission (Triangle Choke)
Mike Ricci def. Stephane Chretien - TKO (Strikes)
Tim Wadsworth def. Jeff Harrison - TKO (Strikes)
Tom Murphy def. Gregory Milliard - Submission (Armbar)
Icho Larenas def. Guido Carlo - Submission (Strikes)
Stephane Vigneault def. Yaotzin Mesa - TKO (Strikes)
Stephane Dube def. Yannick Galipeau - Submission (Strikes)
Thierry Quenneville def. Ben Greer - KO (Punch)
Adrian Wooley def. Danny Martinez - Unanimous Decision
Steve Bosse def. Wes Sims - Submission (Ankle Lock)


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