“BodogFight: St. Petersburg” Tentative Cast

Here is the cast of fighters expected to appear on BodogFight: St. Petersburg.

Cain Velasquez (USA) vs. Jeremiah Constant (USA)
Roman Zentsov (Russia) vs. Kristof Midoux (France)

Josh “Buffalohead” Curran (USA) vs. Roy Nelson (USA)
Lee Sang Su (Korea) vs. Jarno Nurminen (Finland)

Light Heavyweight
Steve Steinbess (USA) vs. Jeff Ford (USA)
Bill Mahood (Canada) vs. Khalil Ibrahim (Palestine)

Derrick Noble (USA) vs. Jake Ellenberger (USA)
Diego Gonzalez (Sweden) vs. Matt Thorpe (UK)

Yves Edwards vs. Mike Brown - USA
“Tornado Song” Song Un Sik (Korea) vs. Kultar Gill (Canada)

Kyacey Uscola(USA) vs. Joseph Baize (USA)
Rumen Dimitrov (Bulgaria) vs. Piotr Jakakalzynski (Sweden)

Jorge Masvidal (USA) vs. Steve Berger (USA)
Tyler Jackson (Canada) vs. Petar Stoichkov (Bulgaria)

(125 lbs)- Rosie Sexton (UK) vs. Karina Damm (Brazil)
(135 lbs)- Julie Kedzie (USA) vs. Amanda Buckner (USA)

Both ‘The World Team’ and ‘The USA’ team will begin with 16 fighters and in the end they will each have 8 fighters after a series of elimination fights. In the end the final eight will clash on the March 3rd pay-per-view which is expected to be headlined by a bout between heavyweight superstar Fedor Emelianenko and Jeff Monson.

Phil Baroni traveled to Russia to accompany his teammate Cain Velasquez. Baroni stated there is a chance you could see him fight on the March 3rd pay-per-view.


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