BodogFight Keeps Rolling On

What do MMA fans get when a new recreation vehicle is crossed with exclusive sponsors, an incredible road trip, stops at amazing events and training sessions with some of the world’s greatest fighters? The BodogFight-sponsored Tapout Magazine Crew Roadshow.

From January 6-April 15, BodogFight, the emerging force within mixed martial arts (MMA), will be the exclusive sponsor of the T.M.C Roadshow as it travels throughout the United States bringing fans an inside look at the world’s fastest growing spectator sport and searching for athletes to appear in the upcoming feature movie, Never Submit.

“Sponsoring Tapout Magazine’s Roadshow is an outstanding opportunity to work with other leading entities in MMA,” says Calvin Ayre, Founder of Entertainment. Ayre’s BodogFight: St. Petersburg MMA reality series, which debuts January 23 , has been eagerly anticipated by fans. “This project marks another key event in MMA’s evolution as a mainstream sport. Fans around the globe are going to get a unique glimpse into these fighters’ lives and who they really are while also getting an insider’s perspective of some incredible events.”

Besides hitting live events during the tour across the west coast, the Roadshow will also stop at some of the top gyms and, of course, the after-fight parties on the quest to deliver fans the exciting information they want and deserve. And each week, a new MMA star will be invited to tag along and spend a few days “on the road” with the hosts to offer in-depth interviews, be the brunt of shenanigans and even coach a seminar. Here is a quick look at some of the stops the Roadshow will make over its ambitious three-month journey:

January 6th
Portland, Ore.
January 13th
No Limits
Irvine, Calif.
January 19th
Oakland, Calif.
January 27th
Rage In The Cage
Las Vegas
February 3rd
UFC 67
Las Vegas
February 10th
Las Vegas
February 17th
February 24th
Pride 33
Las Vegas
March 3rd
David Brocks Challenge
Los Angeles
March 10th
King Of The Cage
Laughlin, Nev.
March 17th
Los Angeles
March 25th
Strike Force
April 15th
Commerce Club Poker
With BodogFight gaining worldwide popularity, these incredible sponsorship opportunities are solidifying its position as an integral player within the industry. The premiere episode of BodogFight: St. Petersburg is scheduled for January 23 and each week fans can expect elimination battles, behind-the-scenes training, amazing fighter interviews and a soundtrack featuring Bodog Music artists. The weekly one-hour episodes lead into a pay-per-view finale in April 2007. For up-to-date MMA action visit “The Latest” section on the official BodogFight website:


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