BodogFight Headlines With Waterman vs Gracie

BodogFight, the newest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion created by Entertainment Founder Calvin Ayre, showcases former WWE superstar Ron “H2O” Waterman in the headline Superfight at Vancouver’s PNE Agrodome on Saturday, December 2. The Superfight against Roger Gracie will mark the culmination of a star-studded pay-per-view spectacle that will stamp Vancouver, Canada as an elite MMA destination alongside Tokyo and Las Vegas.

“Ron Waterman is a highly skilled fighter and a role model,” says Calvin Ayre, whose recent television productions include Bodog Salutes the Troops and Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker, which aired on the mainstream channels, Spike TV and Fox Sports Network. “BodogFight is proud to have Ron on our debut pay-per-view program as he brings a champion’s presence into the ring.”

Although inexperienced, Waterman’s opponent is highly regarded in the MMA world. In 2005, Roger Gracie won the Super Bowl of submission wrestling, the ADCC Submission Wrestling Championship, and is a member of the famed Gracie family of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu masters. In making his professional debut against Waterman, Gracie has accepted an incredible challenge, one that long-time MMA followers are eager to witness. The Gracie fighting heritage, which spans five generations, has fallen from the top ranks of the sport because the spotlight has been seized by a succession of American wrestlers and hybridized MMA competitors. However, 24-year-old phenom Roger is the great hope for the Gracie family to reclaim prominence in the fight world in the 21st century.

If that hope is to be realized, he’ll have to do it against Waterman, a disciplined veteran of the MMA ring and cage. Waterman has battled in Pride, the UFC and as World Wrestling Entertainment superstar entertainer “H2O”. He is also the current Super Heavyweight Champion of World Extreme Cage fighting (WEC) where he has been a dominant force over the past four years. Inside the ring or octagon, Waterman is a competitor who many fear. His commitment to victory is unrelenting, his desire to break his opponent’s will fierce. Only when victory is official does his onslaught cease. Defeating prodigious Gracie is of foremost importance as the bout nears.

To Gracie’s recent prediction in Bodog Nation that he will win by submission in the first or second round, Waterman scoffed. He told the popular online magazine, “I’ve competed against guys who are a lot bigger, stronger and probably more experienced than [Gracie] is. And I’ve never been submitted yet. So we’ll see what happens.” To read the full article about the two combatants’ war of words, visit Bodog Nation.

BodogFight’s premier season comes to a climax Saturday with this decorated fight card featuring the eight Team USA vs. Russia matches, three incredible Superfights headlined by the previously number-one ranked heavyweight Ron “H2O” Waterman and his opponent Roger Gracie in his MMA debut, and two undercard bouts guaranteed to provide heavy-handed stand-up action. For ticket and PPV ordering information go to

With the PPV date closing in, fight fans are already anticipating the second reality TV season for the series. BodogFight: St. Petersburg is scheduled for filming through December in St. Petersburg, Russia. The highly regarded series will culminate with BodogFight’s second live pay-per-event in March 2007. Biographies of all BodogFight: St. Petersburg fighters, exclusive footage, and unedited interviews from the St. Petersburg filming will soon be available at BodogFight’s official web site,, with additions added to “The Latest” section as MMA news happens. Each episode will air simultaneously on the broadband network and in over 43 million homes across the United States.


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