Bodog Fight: New Jersey Premieres Tomorrow Night

After crossing the frozen tundra of St. Petersburg, Russia, and storming the beaches of Costa Rica, the hardest-hitting show on TV is infiltrating the home of The Sopranos and Goodfellas ... and you better not fuggedaboutit!

Bodog Fight: New Jersey marks the mixed martial arts series debut on American soil. Filmed in Trenton, the show features two championship fights, with Trevor Prangley taking on Japanese superstar Yuki Kondo for the middleweight belt and Tara LaRosa squaring off against Kelly Kobold for the women’s 135lb title.

The first episode premieres in more than 90 million U.S. homes this Tuesday, August 21st at 11 p.m. / 10 p.m. Central on ION television and in Canada on The Fight Network, offering viewers a look at one of the sport’s fastest rising stars.

Urged on by a legion of raucous fans, explosive striker Eddie Alvarez (10-1) of nearby Philadelphia will attempt to overcome Boston’s Matt Lee (9-5-1). The 23-year-old Alvarez is eager to erase the memory of his first professional defeat, after Nick “The Goat” Thompson took his welterweight belt in St. Petersburg, Russia last April.

“I want to prove to my fans the heart of a champion doesn’t stop beating without a belt,” says Alvarez. The fearsome former champ claims he’s also got a score to settle with Lee. “He won a decision over my trainer Stephen Haigh last year, so on behalf of all of us at the Fight Factory I’m gonna pay him back.”


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