Bisping Announces Move to Middleweight

Michael Bisping announced an official move to middleweight today on the UFC’s official website.

I guess when Rampage is only eating a leaf of lettuce to keep on weight while you’re stuffing your face with Domino’s and Subway it might be time for a move:

“Dana thought it was a great idea,” said Bisping. “He said I’d be ‘a monster’ down at middleweight. In fact all sorts of people like Rampage were telling me this was the best thing for my career. Really, I knew middleweight was the place to be. When I went to train with Rampage in America over the summer, when we’d go eat he’d have half a lettuce leaf; I’d have a pizza or a couple of foot-long Subways and a couple of sneaky cookies.”

Seriously though, Bisping will be much better off at 185 lbs. I’d still like him to continue to improve his wrestling though. It will improve his chances against guys like Okami and Belcher. The move brings a bit more life to a rather dull middleweight division right now. I like it.


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