Bias Uses Underdog Status as Motivation

If you read what is being written on internet forums, Shawn Bias doesn’t have a chance against Art Arciniega in their Palace Fighting Championship Featherweight World Title bout on Thursday, Jan 17 at the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino.

There’s just one problem, some one forgot to include the opinions of the current champion.

“Sure it motivates me,” Oroville’s Bias said. “I will tell them all to blow my tits after I win this fight. I’ve been training pretty hard for this fight.”

Bias (12-5) captured the 145-pound title in June by defeating Minnesota’s Aarron Maldonado (3-2) by submission at PFC 3.

Oakdale’s Arciniega (5-1) will be Bias’ first title defense.

“Shawn Bias is, well if you know him, he’s Shawn Bias. He trains, he acts nuts, he’s legitimately kind of off, but in a good way. He has a great chin. He’s a very resilient guy, great subs, strong wrestler, loves to throw and exchange standing. He’s a tough fight. The fights where he hasn’t looked great he’s had reasons. I think now he knows what’s at stake and has never taken a fight more seriously,” Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino Entertainment Director Christian Printup said.

“Art Arciniega is as tough as they come. He has fast hands, great cardio, a huge heart and he really wants to beat Bias’ ass, because you know what? If Art wins this fight it changes his life. He’ll be a champion of a promotion with a TV deal, his money will come up and his sponsorships will go up. This is a great fight and I’m proud of both guys.”

PFC 6’s “No Retreat, No Surrender” features three title fights — Bias vs. Arciniega, Lemoore lightweight champ Poppies Martinez (14-3) vs. Atlanta’s Diego Saraiva (9-6-1) and Porterville bantamweight champ Shawn Klarcyk (6-1) vs. Oakdale’s Rolando Velasco (4-0).

“I think I match well with Bias, we have a contrast of styles so it is going come down to who can execute their game plan better,” Arciniega said. “I don’t see the fight going the distance, I have respect for Bias’ skills, but I am prepared for a war and see no other outcome than me being victorious.”

And Arciniega has the tools. He is a heavy-handed striker with solid ground skills, as four of his five victories have come by submission.

Arciniega has won three straight fights after a technical knockout loss to Tulare’s Dino Aguilar (2-0).

Arciniega most recently defeated Noah Shinable (3-8-1) at Cage Combat Fighting Championship’s “Meltdown” in August.

“He seems to be a go-getter. I think he brings a lot and it’s going to be a tough test for me,” Bias said of Arciniega. “I also think it’s going to be a tough test for him. He hasn’t really been talking any stuff, but I’m still ready, training hard and motivated for this fight.”

Both fighters see the fight possibly playing out in similar fashions, but with different results.

“It will either go two ways. He will come in throwing those giant bombs and I will catch him coming straight in, because that’s what he does, or I will take him down and finish the fight on the ground,” Bias said.

“I know that he is an explosive fighter who is always looking for a takedown. It’s going be fun and I can’t wait,” Arciniega said. “I like to stand, but I’ve won most of my fights by submission. I punch hard, so all of my opponents look to take me down. The only one that decided to stand with me lasted 48 seconds before he (Carlos Lopez) dropped.”



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