Benefit Concert for Shane Ott

Thanks to reader Ant (Anthony “the Duke”) for the update on Shane Ott.  A few weeks ago, we shared with you details about IFL veteran Shane Ott and the horrific motorcycle accident he was involved in.  Anthony was kind enough to give us an update on Shane’s condition.

Shane is awake and talking now, though he is heavily sedated and still in the ICU.

His condition is still critical but stable.  Doctors are worrying about infection, that is why Shane is still in the ICU.  Shane’s speech is improving, probably slurred by the drugs they have him on.  Shane lifted his arms, despite his injuries.  He talked with his family and even watched a little TV.  Shane is making excellent progress in his recovery and he has a very positive attitude towards his situation right now.

There is a benefit concert for him in Reading, PA.  Flyer at

Its great to hear Shane is making progress and I urge anyone in the Reading Pennsylvania area next weekend to make an attempt to attend the benefit concert for Shane on December 7th at the Silo in Reading, PA. 


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