Belfort to Meet with UFC Officials Today

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort will meet with UFC matchmaker Joe Silva today according to a report by Cesar Garcia of Sherdog.

Belfort’s main reason for the meeting is the potential to set up a rematch against Tito Ortiz, who earned a unanimous decision over Belfort at UFC 51 in 2005:

“I want to rip his big head off,” said a re-motivated Belfort. “The last time I had a back problem, and he just laid on top of me with a broken nose bleeding all over me and I tired in the last round. I’m willing to fight him winner take all, the loser gets nothing. He’s a millionaire, he doesn’t need money—he has to have pride.”

Since leaving the UFC, Belfort has been relatively unimpressive, putting together a mediocre record of 4-3. While Belfort has been victorious against lower competition, he has struggled against fighters with similar talent levels. He lost consecutive fights against Alistair Overeem and dropped a unanimous decision to Dan Henderson over the past two years.

If the UFC does decide to sign Belfort to a new deal, they should attempt to build him up instead of throwing him in against the big dogs like they did in his last return to the Octagon. A fight against Ortiz should come, just not right away in my opinion.


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