Belfort Issues Letter to NSAC Concerning Steroid Charge

Vitor Belfort has issued a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission concerning the charges that have been placed on him by the organization stating that he tested positive for an illegal substance after his loss to Dan Henderson on October 21st at Pride’s USA debut event…

Belfort tested positive for 4-hydroxytestosterone, a substance that is defined as a steroid and is banned in many sporting organizations around the world.

Below is the letter that Belfort wrote…

In regard of the disciplinary complaint against myself about having violated section 467.850 of the Commission Regulations, all I have to say is that I bought a supplement called ‘Max Tribostak’ at Max Muscle in La Habra, California, which contains 4-Hydroxytestosterone. I had no idea that a supplement bought over the counter at a vitamin store would contain a substance that is illegal in the state of Nevada. This lack of knowledge is costing me a great deal, hurting my image throughout every newspaper in Brazil, which caused me to lose some of my sponsors, and most of all the risk of being suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I hope you consider my letter before taking any formal disciplinary actions.

Vitor Belfort


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