Barnett-Nogueira Rematch Revealed For Shockwave 2006

Brazilian newspaper Jornal dos Sports has done an interview with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in which the fighter reveals that he will be taking on Josh Barnett at Pride’s Shockwave 2006 in a rematch of their controversial bout earlier this year which Barnett won by a close split decision.

“My adversary for the next Pride event, on the 31st of December, will be the American Josh Barnett, and revenge will be mine in my last fight of the year. Shortly after [Nogueira’s first fight with Barnett], I made it clear to Pride management that although I respect the judges decision, I would like a revenge match, since I didn’t feel the decision being given to Barnett by 2 to 1 was just.

I am motivated and focused for this fight and am certain I will put in a good performance. Barnett is a great fighter and has shown how he is dangerous on the ground. In a fight at this level, anything can happen, but I am quite confident I can beat him.”

Pride has not yet officially announced the bout so there is still a chance that the promotion could change the matchup between the two fighters before the December 31st event…


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