Atencio Denies Rumors of Affliction’s Demise

Tom Atencio. Photo by Tracy Lee/

If you’ve been circling the MMA blogsophere within the last two hours, you’ll have surely noticed a rumor floating around that Affliction Entertainment is on the verge of no longer promoting MMA events after a third and final show later this year. A Bloody Elbow reader says that an announcement is forthcoming from Affliction VP Tom Atencio:

Affliction MMA is Done. Tom Atencio will be making an announcement soon. A third show will probably happen to fulfill Affliction Entertainments larger contract obligations unless a deal with Zuffa can be arranged to offset some of the costs while Affliction pays off their contract obligations via “sponsorships”...

Zach Arnold is guessing that this could be the work of Zuffa. Luke Thomas says anyone who believes that is “wrong”. Oh dear.

Either way, Atencio himself just denied the above rumors on Hardcore Sports Radio‘s “After Hours” show minutes ago:

“These rumors… that’s what they are, rumors. There is no truth to any of them. Right now we are trying to figure out when our next event is going to be, whether or not it’s going to be three months or four months. I don’t know where these rumors are coming from, but they are talking about us, so we must be doing something right.”

Is Atencio completely telling the truth? Who knows. Affliction and the UFC have been rumored to have had discussions in the past for a while now, that is until Todd Beard went insane and got himself fired. With the amount of success and praise Affliction experienced after “Day of Reckoning” last weekend, I honestly can’t see them closing their doors anytime soon, especially with the funding of Golden Boy and Donald Trump.


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