Armando Garcia Talks Drugs in MMA

Last week the CSAC executive director Armando Garcia joined MMAWeekly’s SoundOff radio to discuss a wide array of topics including drugs in MMA, medicals, and more.

SoundOff host Damon Martin raised the question about drugs and steroids in MMA and Garcia responded with a very insightful answer.

“I’m very concerned. If I told you anything different it would essentially be a lie. I am very concerned, when you look at the high number of positives it’s really scary and steroids. This commission here which is the biggest commission in the country second only to Japan in the entire world - never did serious drug testing or basically any real drug testing until we started the program. I mean just think about that and that’s the State of California and money runs all of these operations. I went to my department of finance and I went and brought them shows and I explained the situation - we went and established a very detailed process for drug testing and they bought into it.

Now I’m using money from my support fund. That means my regular budget. I don’t have money. If I fine a guy $500 for a positive marijuana test - that money doesn’t go to me, that money goes into a special fund which I cannot touch. So the efforts that our commission is making is we’re cutting corners to do as many drug tests as possible. We did implement a very fair and equitable anti-doping process. But you know what, do I have the money to test everybody for steroids and everybody for drugs of abuse at every show when we had 186 events last year in California? No way.

I’m sending the message out, we’ve drug tested everybody across the board in multiple shows and these are the results. If the results don’t alarm you when we come out with them early next week from March 31st when we started this program to when you get the stats next week. You know what, people are using drugs. People unfortunately are uneducated that drugs will kill you and will greatly damage your quality of life as you get older and it’s cheating. I don’t care how much you candy coat it, it’s cheating. Performance enhancing or not, an athlete who is looked up to by kids should not be using drugs. They need to grow up a little you know?”

The point of recreational drugs was also raised and Garcia said:

“I’ve had several methamphetamine - talk about scary. If you look at it, put steroids out and you say ok what drugs are they abusing? They are abusing street drugs - cocaine, marijuana, pain killers and methamphetamine. These things are greatly damaging to athletes.”

In recent months there have been a slew of positive tests including the likes of:

Royce Gracie - Nandrolone; suspended 1 year.
Phil Baroni - Boldenone and Stanozolol; suspended 1 year.
Bas Rutten - Hydrocodone (painkiller), Morphine (painkiller), and Diphenhydramine (antihistamine); suspended 6 months.
Lodune Sincaid - Marijuana; suspended 3 months.
Cesar Gracie - Marijuana; suspended 3 months.
Ricco Rodriguez - Marijuana, and Cocaine; suspended 6 months.
Diego Sanchez - Marijuana; suspended 3 months.

These are just a few of the many fighters who have failed their drug tests in the past year.



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