Angle in Talks With IFL; Says Lesnar in UFC

It seems that the IFL and Kurt Angle are currently in contract talks to bring the former Olympic gold medalist to the first team-based MMA league.

It’s interesting to note that Angle seems to actually want to sign with the promotion these days:

“God willing, the IFL and myself can make a deal,” Angle told while attending the promotion’s team championship finale Thursday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. “The best fit for me right now as a pro wrestler who [works] about 120 times a year is the IFL.”

Angle stated that he would still need to acquire permission from TNA and train for about a year before being ready to step in the ring. Compared to the UFC and EliteXC, Angle has enjoyed the IFL’s different approach to things:

“The other organizations were pushing me for to fight right away for big money, bigger money than any other fighter has ever made,” Angle said. “But I think they were doing it for my name because I had a lot of exposure in WWE and TNA. When I talked to the IFL, it wasn’t like they came at me with the biggest contract, but they made a lot more sense.

“The IFL is giving me an opportunity to get my feet wet and train without affecting my job with TNA whatsoever. [The IFL] said they would be second priority and make sure TNA is happy all the time and they’ll take me when they can get me.”

One of Angle’s goals in going into the sport of MMA was to set up a fight with former pro wrestler Brock Lesnar. Angle now says that the chances of that happening are now almost gone since Lesnar has signed with the UFC:

“We figured we would make somebody a hell of a lot of money,” Angle said. “We were talking about it, but Brock jumped the gun and went to UFC right away and struck a deal. I don’t blame him. The kid honestly wants to do three or four fights and retire. He’s going to make that kind of money. I give him a lot of credit for that.


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