Andy Geer: ProElite Never Completed Cage Rage Purchase

Andy Geer (left) and Dave O’Donnell. Photo courtesy of Ring Pics.

In an interesting twist in the seemingly never-ending ProElite saga, former Cage Rage promoter Andy Geer has revealed that ProElite never actually completed the purchase of Cage Rage when they acquired the organization last summer, resulting in Geer now attempting to buy back the promotion he once called his own.

From MMA Weekly:

The plot thickens in the ProElite debacle with a new slant on the situation not yet revealed… a conversation with Andy Geer following the inaugural Ultimate Challenge show this past weekend revealed that although Cage Rage had been purchased by ProElite, they hadn’t actually paid for it before going under.

Geer explains the situation, “To all intents and purposes, ProElite had entered into an agreement to purchase Cage Rage. A deal was struck with a deposit accepted. Then they had a cut-off date to make a balloon payment; they never completed the purchase.”

If Geer’s comments are valid, there remains the possibility that ProElite never completed purchasing King of the Cage either. However this new development brings a question to my mind: If ProElite technically never owned Cage Rage or possibly King of the Cage, why are Geer and Terry Trebilcock going through so much trouble in trying to re-acquire their promotions. Don’t they still technically own them?


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