Alvarez and Thompson Agree to Rematch

Philadelphia’s Eddie Alvarez and Minnesota’s Nick “The Goat” Thompson have agreed to settle their bitter feud once and for all.

The two mixed martial arts fighters will clash Saturday, November 24 as Bodog Fight presents Hook N’ Shoot at the Evansville Coliseum in Evansville, Indiana.

This will mark their second meeting this year, after Thompson knocked out Alvarez last April at Bodog Fight: Clash of the Nations in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Vowing to avenge his only loss and regain the Bodog Fight Welterweight Title Belt, Alvarez (11-1) says he has extra incentive to whoop Thompson (39-8-1) following an altercation between the two.

“Nick got drunk after our fight and said some things he shouldn’t have,” said Alvarez. “He made some remarks about my son, Eddie Jr., and I plan to make him pay.”

However, with Alvarez again giving up both weight and reach advantage to “The Goat”, the explosive striker admits he will have to adjust his game plan this time around.

“I made some fundamental mistakes against Nick, and credit to him, he took full advantage. That won’t happen this time. I still believe I am a better fighter than he is and I plan to prove it this time.”

Alvarez, who took out Matt Lee in Bodog Fight: New Jersey, says many of the Philly fans who cheered him to victory there will also travel to Indiana.

“I may not have any fans from Indiana, but I will definitely have a lot of support in Indiana. They all want to see me win back the belt, and I don’t plan to let them down.”

Also appearing on the card is Bodog Fight Women’s 135lb Champion, Tara LaRosa (14-1). The Jersey girl will drop down to 125lbs to take on Minnesota’s Cody Welchlin (2-1), who nearly upset Japanese sensation Megumi Fuji (14-0). Welchlin would like nothing more than to beat LaRosa, who is returning to Evansville, where she began her stellar MMA career in 2002.

Other Bodog Fighters include Mike Brown (14-4) and Eben Oroz (4-2), who will square off in bantamweight action, and crowd-pleaser Dan “The Handler” Hornbuckle (13-1), who faces Courtney “Chocolate Nightmare” Ray (6-4).

Ray is looking to avenge his only loss in the last three years against the tough Hornbuckle, who holds the Hook N’ Shoot Welterweight Title.


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