Alessio Wants Condit’s Belt

Tonight John “The Natural” Alessio will look to move one step closer to a shot at Carlos Condit’s WEC title when he faces Marcelo Brito. Sportsnet caught up with Alessio to get thoughts on his upcoming bout.

“The guillotine is my move. If you’re going to give me the neck, and I can get my arms around it, I will choke you or rip your head right off.”

“I’m going to put my fists right in his face. If he shoots in, I’m going to counter those shots. If he shoots out sloppy and gives me that neck, then I’m going to go for my move and choke the life out of him.

“There’s not an ounce of nerves in me right now. There’s not a part of me that thinks oh I might get submitted or I might get knocked out. I’m going out there and I’m destroying this guy on Wednesday. Bottom line.”


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