ADCC 2007 Final Results

Here are the results from the finals of ADCC 2007.

Mens Finals

Over 99kg:

Fabricio Werdum def. Rolls Gracie

Under 99kg:

Xande Ribeiro def. Braulio Estima

Under 87kg:

Demian Maia def. Flavio Cachorrinho

Under 76kg:

Marcelo Garcia def. Pablo Popovich

Under 65kg:

Rani Yahya def. Leo Vieria

Womens Finals

Under 55kg:

Sakaia Shioda def. Felicia Oh

Under 60kg:

Kyra Gracie def. Tara LaRosa

Under 67kg:

Hanette Quadros def. Kelly Paul

Over 67kg:

Penny Thomas def. Lana Stefanac


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