A Geek With Too Much Energy

That’s how “Mayhem” Miller describes himself.  Or just Jason, if you’re his mom.

Miller’s getting some ink for his MySpace efforts over at foxsports.com:

The 26-year old has made as much a name for himself on MySpace.com as he has with his considerable submission skills.

“Seriously man, if I wasn’t talking to you right now I’d probably be on my MySpace page,” says Miller, who lives in Hollywood. “I’m a geek with too much energy.”

Here’s Mayhem’s MySpace page for the curious.  Here’s MMA on Tap’s MySpace page for the bored.  John and Scott are all over that.  Friend us up, or whatever else you do over there.

Scott featured The Mayhem Show, Episode 2 in yesterday’s Coffee and Kick Ass.

Miller’s going to try and put some nerdslap on Hiromitsu Miura tomorrow night in Vegas.

“I’m going to pummel this guy. I’m going to turn up the heat and go mayhem on this guy as soon as they say go. I’m ready to go 100 miles an hour.”

But he won’t do that until after an elaborate entrance that he said might include Chinese dancers and fire eating girls “depending upon the local fire ordinances.” He plans to come to the cage wearing a mask, as he frequently does.

“The only thing better than getting all the chicks is scaring all the chicks away,” he said. “I’m the ugliest man in MMA, but it doesn’t pay to be beautiful in this sport. In this case, ugly is good, so I’m happy.”


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