10 Questions with Mark “The Machine” Hominick

Mark “The Machine” Hominick is a Muay Thai and submission specialist who sports a mixed martial arts record of 14-7-0. Training with Team Tompkins in London, Ontario, Hominick is a 9 time TKO featherweight champion and a UFC veteran. Hominick holds victories over the likes of Yves Edwards, Jorge Gurgel, Ben Greer, and Stephane Vigneault.

Yesterday, Hominick fought and defeated Ben Greer at TKO 30: Apocalypse throwing himself back into contention for the TKO featherweight title which is currently held by Shooto veteran Hatsu Hioki.

MMA on Tap: Your coach and mentor Shawn Tompkins recently joined Extreme Couture. How has the affected your training and are you still working out/teaching at Team Tompkins in London?
Mark Hominick: I am very pleased and excited for Shawn and support his decision to join Extreme Couture. He has worked tremendously hard to achieve what he has in the sport and is finally getting recognized for his commitments.  The move has been beneficial for all the Team members since we now has access to some of the best sparring partners at Extreme Couture in Vegas and have the ability to be on the mats with the best in the world of MMA.  In between fights we run the gym and continue to train our up and comers at Team Tompkins and when we are in the midst of training camps our focus in being with Shawn at Extreme Couture.

MMA on Tap: You train with Chris Horodecki, Chris Clements and Sam Stout. How much does it help to have three talented fighters very similar in weight to train with?
Mark Hominick:  I believe that you are only good as your training partners and we continue to grow together.

MMA on Tap: Who do you guys spend the majority of your time working your BJJ with?
Mark Hominick: The guys at Extreme Couture have really helped us as they have some of the best ground MMA fighter today such as Tyson Griffin, Gray Maynard and Jay Hieron.  Also, since we are now in London for a couple months we will be spending time with the University of Western wrestling team.

MMA on Tap: Talk about your fight at TKO 28 - Inevitable with Hatsu Hioki, you lost a controversial majority decision. If the roles had been reversed and you were still the champ do the think the decision would have went your way?
Mark Hominick: Anytime you leave the fight in the hands of the judges you run the risk of the decision not going in your way. I believe I won the fight regardless of who held the title but I have to accept the judges decision and carry on the recapturing the title in the future.

MMA on Tap: What is your current status with TKO and the WEC, how many fights do you have remaining on your deals?
Mark Hominick: I have two remaining fights with both organizations and look forward to whatever the future brings with both. I want to face top competition at 145lbs and continue to prove I deserve to be amongst the best in the division.

MMA on Tap: TKO will be implementing a bantamweight title in the near future. Is that a belt you’re interested in? Do you think you could make 135 lbs?
Mark Hominick: 135lbs is possible if I really dedicated myself to fighting there, but my focus in 145lbs and taking on top competition.

MMA on Tap: The WEC has been on a roll lately bringing in an influx of talent to their lighter weight classes. How do you feel about possible fights with the likes of Jens Pulver, Urijah Faber and Jeff Curran?
Mark Hominick: The WEC in the premier organization for the lighter classes and look forward to long lasting relationship with them. They continue to bring in the best and I plan to work my way up to prove myself against them.

MMA on Tap: You’ve done some training in the past with Curran, would you still be willing to step into the cage with him?
Mark Hominick: Jeff and I have talked about it in the past and I would not fight Jeff, he has helped me too much in the past and I respect him for that.

MMA on Tap: What’s your status with Jens Pulver? Have you two done any training in the past?
Mark Hominick: I have sparred with Jens in the past and he is an individual whom I have always respected in and out of the cage, but would love to get the opportunity to face him in competition. I believe it would make for an entertaining battle that the fans would love!

MMA on Tap: You’ve spent time fighting in both North America and Japan. How do the fans in North America compare to the fans in Japan?
Mark Hominick: I really enjoy fighting in both North America and Japan. The North Americans fans have come a long way in terms of knowledge of the sport but really love the KO’s and stand up part of the game whereas the Japanese fans really respect the technique understand the games and want to see warrior fighting spirit in the fight which I really respect.


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