Tony Rubalcava

CSAC Suspends Third Fighter in Two Days

It’s been a busy week for the California State Athletic Commission as they have suspended three fighters for positive tests of drugs of abuse.

Total Combat veterans Mike Moreno and Jermaine Wilson were both suspended by the commission on Wednesday after reportedly having marjiuana in their system, which was found as part of random post-fight drug testing.

Moreno, who was submitted by Gary Padilla at Total Combat’s most recent show on February 16th in San Diego, has been suspended until May and fined $500.

It’s a different story however for Wilson however as his most recent positive test is his second suspension for marijuana in California in the last three months. Because of that, Wilson will not be permitted to return to action until August.

The commission announced yesterday that former EliteXC light heavyweight Tony Rubalcava was being suspended following his TKO win over Kawika Morton at a Cage Combat Fighting Championships event on February 16th for allegedly tampering with the sample he gave the CSAC to test for drugs of abuse.

Whether or not he used lemonade instead is currently unknown.

In any event, Rubalcava will now sit on the sidelines until August because of his antics. He has also been fined $1000.