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Lee Murray Featured in Sports Illustrated

Lee Murray enters the arena for his fight against Jorge Rivera at UFC 46: Supernatural. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

If you were a fan of mixed martial arts before the sport benefited from the mainstream explosion it felt after the success of “The Ultimate Fighter”, Lee Murray is a pretty familiar name.

Not clicking? Here’s a refresher course…

Murray is best known for his single appearance in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2004, his infamous street fight against Tito Ortiz, and going the distance with Anderson Silva in a Cage Rage event the same year. After that, things took a turn for the worst for Murray.

He was nearly killed after being stabbed outside of a London night club in 2005, undergoing multiple surgeries to repair a punctured lung and severed arteries. Murray was then arrested in Morocco in June of 2006 in connection with the biggest robbery in United Kingdom history, a $92 million heist of UK-based Securitas AB.

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated has a profile piece on Murray’s rise and ultimate downfall. It chronicles Murray’s MMA career, the events leading up to his arrest, and his continuous attempts to be extradited back to England. Murray currently remains in a Moroccan prison, awaited his latest extradition trial.

(I haven’t read the entire piece yet and haven’t been able to find any parts of the article online. However I’ll finish the article over the weekend and make a follow-up post in the coming days.)