Scott Jansen

Baroni to Not Press Charges

Phil Baroni. Photo by Jon Swenson.

Phil Baroni has opted not to press charges against Dean Jansen following an unprovoked attack on Baroni following his first-round knockout win Saturday afternoon at Cage Rage’s latest event in London, England.

Baroni, who stopped Scott Jansen with a left hook in the show’s main event, went over to check on the condition of his opponent after the fight when he was surprisingly headbutted by Dean. However cooler heads prevailed and the situation quickly died down with Baroni laughing it off and the younger Jansen being thrown out of the arena.

“These things happen.” Baroni said in a statement on Cage Rage’s official website. “It must be tough to see a loved one get knocked out like that. Emotions ran high. I want to put this behind me.”

Organization figurehead Dave O’Donnell has banned Dean Jansen from attending any of his brother’s future fights and has launched an investigation concerning the lack of security around the cage following the fight.

“We launched an immediate investigation in to cageside security and have issued a ban on a member of Scott’s family attending future fights,” O’Donnell said. “This should not have happened. Baroni has shown a lot of dignity throughout. Many fighters might have responded and escalated the situation. However it was great to see the guys in the bar after the fight shaking hands and joking. The incident is now closed.”