Sam Vasquez

Report: Vasquez Died of a Subdural Hemorrhage

After months of speculation, the Harris County Medical Examiner’s Office in Texas has confirmed that Sam Vasquez has become the first fighter in the history of mixed martial arts to die as a result of injuries suffered during the course of a sanctioned bout.

The news comes from Steve Sievert of The Houston Chronicle.

The medical examiner’s office ruled that Vasquez died of “complications from blunt trauma to the head with a subdural hemorrhage.” A hemorrage of the brain occurs when blood gathers on the outer protective covering of the brain, ultimately causing severe damage to brain tissue due to extreme pressure.

Vazquez was hospitalized after being knocked out by Vince Libardi at a Renegades Extreme Fighting event in October of last year.

During his time in the hospital, Vazquez had multiple surgeries to remove blood clots in his brain, experienced severe swelling in his brain, and eventually had a stroke that induced him into a coma that he would never come out of.

Douglas Dedge passed out and died after his bout against Yevgeni Zolotarev at an event in Ukraine in 1998. However it was later found that Dedge had a pre-existing medical condition that caused his death.