No Limit Fighting

Brawl For it All Cancelled; Madness Ensues

No Limit Fighting’s Brawl 4 It All event was cancelled Saturday afternoon after CSAC officials had found that the official cage they were going to use for the event was not yet built. Since then, madness has apparently ensued.

Ken Pavia told Sherdog that Phil Flathers, the show’s promoter, promised 20% of their purses to the fighters even though the show was cancelled and to date, no one has received anything:

“The promoter called a meeting of a number of the fighters that had gathered at the event and during the course of negotiations an altercation ensued in the back of the room,” said Pavia, who declined to expound on the altercation. “During the altercation the promoter took advantage of the distraction to grab his briefcase and run out the side exit and sprint to his car. People chased him, he jumped in his car and took off. At this time, despite the fact that my fighters signed bout agreements, made weight, and complied with all their medical obligations, they have not been paid a dollar.”

The altercation in the back of the room may have involved Don Frye and the bodyguard of Leland Chapman (son of Dog the Bounty Hunter) according to Dave Meltzer:

There were problems between Phil Flathers, the MMA promoter whose show was canceled by the athletic commission because the cage wasn’t properly put together. Flathers said since there was no show, he wasn’t going to pay the fighters. Don Frye got into it with the bodyguard of Leland Chapman (the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter) and ended up sucker punched and came up bloody. The two had a second altercation later with Frye sucker punched again.

F4W Online has another take on what happened:

Frye apparently got into an altercation with a bodyguard while it was being explained by one of the MMA promoters to the other fighters that because the show was canceled, they weren’t being paid. According to a source, Frye, who had been trying to mediate the meeting, challenged the bodyguard to take it outside after the bodyguard had screamed at him and poked him repeatedly in the chest. When Frye turned around he was sucker-punched twice. They got into a brawl, the police were called, and then later Frye and the bodyguard happened to run into each other again and had another fight. There are reports that Don was knocked out, but he was in the hotel shortly afterwards signing autographs for people so that story is likely inaccurate. He did have a huge shiner.

Sounds to me like Frye may have gotten jumped by Dog’s crew. We’ll definitely have more on this later.

CSAC Releases “Brawl for it All” Card

The California State Athletic Commission released the official fight card for No Limit Fighting’s “Brawl For It All” this Saturday at the Cow Palace in San Francisco earlier today. The release came at the hands of numerous complaints from various fans and officials that the promotion was falsely advertising fighters to be participating on the card.

We reported that Nick Diaz had no knowledge of a scheduled fight against Mark Moreno at the event earlier this month.

Here the official card according to the CSAC:

Vince Lucero vs. Cain Velasquez
Alex Serdyukov vs. Mark Moreno
Ruben Villarreal vs. Brad Imes
Jake Hattan vs. Charles Bennett
Matt Major vs. Marcus Gaines
Kyle Rideau vs. Khomkrit Niimi
Bo Cantrell vs. Bryan Pardoe
Gabe Rivas vs. Gabe Ruediger
Van Oscar Penvaroff vs. Eric Jacob
Shawn Klarcyk vs. Ed Lavelle
Arron Carvalo vs. Andrew Martinez
Chris David vs. Michael Pedro

The list of fighters that No Limit Fighting’s originally advertised as participating and are now not listed are as follows: Jeff Monson, Nick Diaz, Chris Marez, Mia St. John, Javier Vazquez, Leland Chapman, and Antonio McKee among others.

A little ridiculous if you ask me. Let’s hope it’s the last promotion run by these idiots, who I’ve heard includes Shannon Ritch as one of the promoters. Not a surprise if that is true.