Jared Shaw

Quote of the Day: Jared Shaw on EliteXC Collapse

Kimbo Slice. Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

“Do I think the Kimbo’s loss was the demise of the company like it’s being portrayed? Absolutely, 100 percent, no,” Shaw said. What I do think the Kimbo loss did was probably throw away any last ditch efforts of CBS acquiring the company, or having enough money to hang on to get another buyer to come in. But I knew for a while that this company was done. When I spoke to you guys and said I’m clearing a runway in September for El Paso to get to October, no, that’s not it at all. We just couldn’t put on the show.”

— Former EliteXC executive Jared Shaw talks to MMA Weekly about the demise of the organization following Kimbo Slice’s loss to Seth Petruzelli during EliteXC’s final show to date last October.

It’s interesting to see how Shaw denies that Slice losing was the reason why EliteXC folded only to completely contradict his notion in the very next sentence. Besides their financial decisions and corrupt management, putting the entire company on Slice’s shoulders and having him crumble was the biggest reason why EliteXC is no more.

It’s also key to note that Jared is finally admitting that the EliteXC show that was schedule to take place at the University of New Mexico last September was canceled because they simply only had enough money for one last show. The news of the show’s cancellation came the same day as one of their ShoXC cards and I remember scrambling to get some kind of official comment from a ProElite staffer only for there to be nothing at all.

Jared Shaw Thinks He Can Rap

Jared Shaw. Photo by Esther Lin/ProElite.

While Gary Shaw isn’t out taping his new failure of a reality show, his son Jared is out becoming a rapper. I guess Skala refused to take everyone’s phone calls after the demise of EliteXC because he was too busy spitting rhymes.

Here’s what he’s been up to:




Jared, I only listened to a few seconds of each song, but why you trynna sound like Justin Timberlake and someone with a deep voice at the same time dawg? Your rap game is weak, yo. Your rhymes are so slow you make snails feel respected. My flow is tight and I’m constantly committing lyrical homicide homie. You wanna battle? Come see me.