Billy Miles

Report: UFC Releases More TUF 6 Cast Members

Richie Hightower weighs-in for The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In addition to our announcement that the UFC had parted ways with Dorian Price, it seems that Dana White and company have also released an additional six more competitors who participated on the sixth season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.

ProElite’s Sam Caplan is reporting that the UFC has most likely come to terms on the release of Blake Bowman, Dan Barrera, Paul Georgieff, Richie Hightower, John Kolosci, and Billy Miles.

So why were they all released?

Well all of them came out on the losing end of things at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale last month. This was also the first season of the show where with the exception of Mac Danzig, all of the fighters were unknown and relatively inexperienced. Couple that with the fact that they all fight at 170 lbs and it’s pretty obvious that they wouldn’t survive in the UFC’s toughest division just yet.

This doesn’t mean that they won’t be back fighting in the Octagon in the near future though. The UFC is notorious for bringing back fighters that were once a part of the organization and go out and win multiple fights after their release.