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CKA: Jan 20, 2007

News and Notes

- MMA journeyman Travis Fulton suffered a KO loss to the hands of former heavyweight contender Lou Savarese.

- Shinya Aoki will make his return to Shooto when he faces Akira Kikuchi in a rematch as he defends his Shooto 167-pound belt.

- UFC veteran Wes Sims will headline the March 22nd Palace Fighting card when he faces Anthony Fuller.

“I like this show. It’s a great setup,” Sims said. “For this being the first show, I’m very happy with the number of people here. If I had to rate this promotion on a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 10 for a small show. If it keeps growing, I think it will be a great big show.”

- The WEC has announced that Versus will begin airing events in the summer. Versus will air three live fights and six one-hour highlight shows.

- NBCSports.com has added the UFC to their sports coverage.

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CKA: Jan 13, 2007

News and Notes

- Former UFC Welterweight Champion Carlos Newton will take on Matt Lindland in a “superfight” on the IFL fight card Feb. 2 in Houston.

- A few days ago Seth Petruzelli released a MySpace bulletin which said that his fight at UFC Fight Night 8 was off. Petruzelli recently released another bulletin saying he may still be on the card.

Petruzelli’s bulletin said “Hey guys, I still have to train and go weigh in the 25th for the UFC…my opponent injured his ankle. They are trying to find me a new fight on short notice but it doesn’t look good. So I still have to go ready to fight just in case. Thanks and I hope to be back fighting for you all soon!”

- As we reported yesterday, The Gracie Fighting Championships: Evolution event has been postponed due to unknown circumstances. This is an unfortunate turn of events as the GFC: Evolution card was looking very solid with UFC veterans Jeff Monson, Wes Sims, Nick Diaz, Renato Verissimo, and others. Hopefully the get things sorted out and find a new date for the show soon. The response so far from fighters and fans is fairly negative, here is what Randy Harris and Marco Avellan had to say on ‘The Underground’.

Marcos Avellan - “I’m obviously super bummed out. One of my biggest disapointments was for all the people who made a lot of sacrifices so that I could train for this fight. My brother and other FFA instructors picked up the slack for me and taught all my classes for the past six weeks. My wife had to deal with my temper tantrums because of the weight cutting and training - I’m the first to admit I’m a bit difficult to deal with when training full time and dieting.

And then Lloyd Irvin trained me personally for a week… and Eric “El Tigre” Castanos and Paulino Hernandez took a ton of time out of their personal schedules to train me.

So thank you to all of them, you guys did an AWESOME job getting me ready and we’ll do it again one more time when the fight is rescheduled.

In the meantime, to my students, I’m back! I miss all you guys and am looking forward to teaching some classes again!

And about the GFC, I think they are trying their best to resolve this the best they can. I used to promote shows (not nearly as big as the GFC) and it is a TOUGH business. A lot of people don’t realize some of the crazy monkey wrenches that get thrown your way as a promoter. Believe me… if anyone is suffering from this… they are taking it the WORST. I really think they did everything they could to treat the fighters A+... I genuinely believe they probably had no other choice.

So a strong recovery to all those involved with this show - fighters, spectators, and promoters.

Marcos “

Randy Harris - “Yes I was told postponed but as far as I am concerned it has been cancelled. I wouldn’t plan on attending it ever again. People have spent money on plane tickets and more and they are now out! BAD BAD business!”

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Weekend Shows

- 01/13/07 American Bushido: “2007 Grand Prix Round 1” in McCook, IL.
- 01/13/07 Battle in the Cage VI: “Aftermath” in Denver, CO.

Gracie Fighting Championship: Evolution - Postponed

The Gracie Fighting Championship: Evolution, scheduled for January 20th in Miami, has been postponed.  No reason was given for the postponement, but the Fight Network has suggested lagging ticket sales are the reason.

From the GFC website

The Gracie Fighting Championships: Evolution event will no longer be held on January 20th. We will be strategically rescheduling our show for another date shortly.

We sincerely regret whatever inconvenience this may cause those of you who have made plans to attend the event. Please stay tuned as we will be back soon, and will produce some of the greatest MMA available in 2007.

The event was supposed to feature UFC vet Nick Diaz vs Thomas Denny, Renato Verissimo challenging Jake Shields as well as a heavyweight main event of Wes Sims against Jeff Monson.  Monson was a late replacement for Mario Sperry, who pulled out of the fight earlier in the week.

Gracie Fighting Championships Update

Here are some updates on the Gracie Fighting Championships:

- Wes Sims’ opponent will no longer be Mario Sperry. In his place will be Jeff “The Snowman” Monson.
- The GFC commentating team has been announced. Phil Baroni and Cesar Gracie will be technical fight commentators, and hip-hop celebrity Xzibit and Ryan Dunn of MTV’s Jackass will also be on hand as color commentators.
- Keith David will be the GFC ring announcer.
- The GFC has began podcasting online media appearances of its personalities in iTunes. If you have iTunes on your computer, you can subscribe to the GFC podcast after clicking here.

Sperry Out, Monson In

PRIDE veteran and Brazilian Top Team member Mario “Zen Machine” Sperry has been forced to pull out of his upcoming fight against Wes Sims on the Gracie Fighting Championships card due to an injury.

Sim’s new opponent will be UFC veteran Jeff Monson. Monson is coming off of a unanimous decision loss to UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia.

Gracie Fighting Championships to Hold Star-Studded Event

The Gracie Fighting Championships will bring elite mixed martial artists together for a night that fight fans will not forget on January 20 in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena.

Columbus, OH December 10, 2006 - The Gracie Fighting Championships, a North American mixed martial arts organization will host a night of intense fight action on January 20 in Miami. The first of four planned shows in 2007, the event is titled “Evolution: The Genesis of Mixed Martial Arts”.

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Wes Sims Beats Kimo; X-1 Results

Wes Sims… Yes, that Wes Sims stopped Kimo Leopoldo by doctor’s stoppage last night at X-1. An pretty big amount of blood that continously streamed from Kimo’s nose caused the doctor to stop the fight in the first round.

The rest of the X-1 results…

Steve Byrnes defeated Joshua Ferrera - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Justin McCully defeated Derek Thornton - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Ed Newalu defeated Dave Moreno – Unanimous Decision
Sally Krumdiack defeated Brittany Pullem – KO
Alex Steibling defeated Auggie Paddeken – Unanimous Decision
Scott Junk defeated Corrie Salter – Unanimous Decision
Eric Pele defeated Vince Lucerno - Unanimous Decision
Adam Lynn defeated Mark Moreno – Unanimous Decision
Niko Vitale defeated Timmy Williams – KO

Candid Wes Sims Interview

HawaiiFighter.com recently caught up with “The Project” Wes Sims to get his thoughts on his upcoming fight against Kimo Leopoldo at X-1 at the Blaisdell Arena.

4. How do you feel the fight will go? Will it be a stand up war, go straight to the ground?

I feel like all of Kimos fights, this fight will be 3 minutes long with it ending up Kimo starring at the ceiling while laying on the mat while gasping for air. As for the fight itself, to be honest with you I really dont think it matters how the fight will go. You see, it is a win/win for me., if I win I will go on to bigger and better things. If I lose, I will just go to the athletic comission and demand that he takes a drug test. There is no way I can lose this fight.

Sims Returns Tonight

UFC veteran Wes Sims will be back in action tonight when he faces off against Bob Hogan in Full Contact Fight Series 3.

Hoffman Pulls A Possible No Show

This weekend’s King of the Cage show in San Jacinto, California went on without a main event as reports are stating Bobby Hoffman failed to show up for his scheduled match against Wes Sims. Sims took the fight on short notice, one week after losing to Daniel Gracie.

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