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UFC, Wanderlei Invade MTV2, Spike Tonight

The UFC will make it’s debut on MTV2 later tonight when UFC All-Access with Wanderlei Silva airs at 10 PM EST. Countdown to UFC 79 will follow one hour later.

Fear not those that only have Spike TV. UFC All-Access will be preceded by an hour of UFC Unleashed and a replay of UFC Fight Night 11 and will air at midnight. You’ll have to wait for Countdown to UFC 79 though. That premieres on Spike tomorrow afternoon at 6 PM EST.

So if you don’t have plans for tonight, there’s something to do.

Break It Down: UFC 79

John Chandler here, breaking down UFC 79: Nemesis fight-by-fight, including detailed predictions along the way.

UFC 79: Nemesis features ten fights including the third fight between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre for the UFC Welterweight Title and the most anticipated fight in mixed martial arts history when Chuck Liddell takes on arch-rival Wanderlei Silva in a fight years in the making.

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Road to UFC 79: Wanderlei Silva Episode Three

Here’s the third episode of Raw Vegas’ Road to UFC 79 series with Wanderlei Silva as he prepares to fight Chuck Liddell in one of the biggest fights in MMA history at UFC 79 on December 29th. Wanderlei discusses how he got into MMA, what he was doing before the sport, and how he plans to go to college after his career is over.

Silva has also requested that fans send him suggestions for his entrance music at UFC 79. You can leave suggestions at his official website.

Road to UFC 79: Wanderlei Silva Episode Two

Here’s the second episode of Raw Vegas’ Road to UFC 79 series with Wanderlei Silva as he prepares to fight Chuck Liddell in one of the biggest fights in MMA history at UFC 79 on December 29th. Wanderlei discusses his training thus far and how the change from a ring to a cage will affect him. Silva’s trainers Ulysses Pereira and Shawn Tompkins are also interviewed.

Road to UFC 79: Wanderlei Silva Episode One

Here’s the first episode of Raw Vegas’ Road to UFC 79 series with Wanderlei Silva as he prepares to fight Chuck Liddell in one of the biggest fights in MMA history at UFC 79 on December 29th. In this episode, Silva talks about training at Xtreme Couture, past training partners, learning English, and eating at Taco Bell.

Coming Back From Three Straight Losses

Next month’s showdown between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva will finally answer the age-old question that has been haunting the minds of MMA fans for years as to who would win between the two if they ever fought.

The winner of the fight will receive a huge momentum boost going into the twlight of their career. The loser? Well they will have lost three fights in a row. The list of fighters that have lost three fights in a row is astounding in terms of size. The list of notable fighters that have dropped three straight bouts is pretty big as well.

So what does it take to come back from nearly falling into obscurity? Here’s a look at some well-known fighters that came out on the wrong end of the stick three or more consecutive times and managed to turn things around and get back on the winning track.

Hermes Franca: After a stint where he went 2-2 in the UFC, Franca left the promotion to try and work on his skills in smaller promotions before returning to the big show. However Franca ended up dropping three consecutive fights to Yves Edwards, Koutetsu Boku, and Ray Cooper before the end of 2005. Franca rebounded with an 8 fight winning streak and found himself challenging Sean Sherk for the UFC Lightweight Title this past July.

Nick Diaz: After knocking out touted prospect Robbie Lawler at UFC 47, Diaz found himself being advertised as the future of the UFC’s welterweight division. Diaz ended up struggling for the rest of his UFC career and ultimately lost three straight fights to top competition in Sherk, Joe Riggs, and Diego Sanchez before finding himself out of a Zuffa-owned promotion.  Diaz was brought back towards the end of 2006 for two fairly easy fights but ended up heading to PRIDE where he pulled off a huge upset over Takanori Gomi before the fight was changed to a no contest.

Tengiz Tedoradze:The Eastern Europe native became one of England’s top heavyweight prospects by 2004. Tedoradze then ran into a brick wall when he lost to Jeff Monson, Antonio Silva, and then Monson once again in three straight fights. Tedoradze turned his fortunes around by racking up a respectable 10-2-1 record while establishing himself as the best fighter over 205 lbs that the U.K. has to offer.

Mark Coleman: Coleman tore through the UFC in his first six fights, knocking off Gary Goodridge, Don Frye, and Dan Severn along the way. Then Coleman gassed in a heavyweight title opportunity against Maurice Smith. The infamous knockout at the hands of Pete Williams followed and a decision loss to Pedro Rizzo forced Coleman to travel to Japan in hopes of jumpstarting his career. “The Hammer” did just that when he won the 2000 PRIDE Grand Prix in impressive fashion.

Denis Kang: Kang struggled greatly in the first few years of his career and dropped three straight fights to mediocre competition at one point. Kang’s inconscitency continued until he found himself at home in Spirit MC where he became the promotion’s heavyweight champion. Two years later Kang found himself nearly becoming PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix champion and currently is widely regarded as one of the top middleweights in the world by many.

Chael Sonnen:Sonnen had acquired a solid reputation as being a skilled middleweight during the first couple years of his career that found fighting mainly on the West Coast for the most part. The Team Quest product ended up losing three fights in a row in 2004, two of them to MMA veteran Jeremy Horn. Sonnen rebounded and worked his way into a stint in the UFC. Undefeated since leaving the home of the Octagon last year, Sonnen now finds himself challenging an undefeated Paulo Filho for the WEC Middleweight Title on December 12th.

Dennis Hallman: The man they nicknamed “Superman” had racked up an eye-opening record of 10-1 before falling to a trio of creditable middleweights in the form of Caol Uno, Paul Rodriguez, and eventual UFC Middleweight Champion Dave Menne in sequential bouts. Hallman ended up turning things around and ended up putting together a respectable career that included three separate stints in the UFC and was highlighted by the second of two quick submission wins over Matt Hughes.

UFC/Spike TV Conference Call Notes

The UFC held a conference call with the media earlier today to announce a new television deal with Spike TV and to discuss the UFC’s recent acquisition of former pro wrestler Brock Lesnar and the much anticipated bout between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 in December.

Jennifer Wenk, the UFC’s head of public relations was the host of the call. Participants on the call included UFC President Dana White, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell, former PRIDE Middleweight Champion Wanderlei Silva, Brock Lesnar, and Spike TV officials Brian Diamond and Kevin Kay.

Right off the bat Dana was asked if he purposely planned a conference call at the same time Randy Couture was slated to hold his press conference.

“Am I putting on a press conference to fuck with Randy Couture right now?” asked White. “Is that what you’re asking me? No, it’s not intentional. I’m here to announce the Spike deal and discuss the Lesnar signing as well as talk about Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva and their fight, that’s it. Is it a coincidence that we got this deal done the same week that Randy decided to speak out? No.”

White let everyone know that he still likes Couture as a person and would love to have him back. He was also confident that Couture would return in the near future.

“He’s mine,” claimed White “He’s under contract to me and he can’t fight anywhere else. I don’t know what his people are telling him but resignation or not he won’t be permitted to fight anywhere else. Besides that I love Randy. Randy is pissed at me. We’re friends and friends get pissed at each other. However I’m real confident that we’re going to kiss and make up real soon.”

The details of the UFC’s new deal with Spike TV are as follows:

The contract is a four year deal. There will be five more seasons of The Ultimate Fighter. Two seasons will take place in 2008, two in 2009, and only one season in 2010. The UFC and Spike TV are also developing a new television show that will premiere in 2010. The show will feature live fights and fighters of a “higher caliber” than those currently featured on TUF according to White.

White also stated that the UFC will produce 12 live events on Spike TV for next year.

“We’re going to do 12 live fight cards for next year,” said White. “We’ll continue to do UFC Fight Nights. We’re back in bed with these guys. They’ve been so good to us over the years and we’re going to do a lot of good programs.”

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Yahoo! Sports to Stream UFC Conference Call

Yahoo! Sports will stream today’s scheduled UFC media conference call at 4 PM EST through the MMA section of the site.

UFC President Dana White will host the call and announce a new television deal that the UFC has signed. White will also discuss the UFC’s recent acquisition of former pro wrestler Brock Lesnar and the much anticipated bout between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 in December.

Lesnar, Liddell, and Silva are all expected to be part of the call.

While listeners will be able to hear the entire call in full, only certified members of the media will be permitted to ask questions.

Remember that Randy Couture’s press conference concerning his resignation from the UFC will take place at 4:30 PM EST live from Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas and will be streamed on Pro Elite’s official website.

We will have extensive coverage of both events.

UFC to Announce New TV Deal Tomorrow

The UFC has announced that it will hold a media conference call tomorrow afternoon to announce a new television deal with an unknown source.

I’m guessing that it could either be an extension with Spike TV or something new.

UFC President Dana White will apparently discuss the recent signing of former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar as well as the upcoming matchup between Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79. Lesnar, Liddell, and Silva are all expected to be on the call.

Both Sam Caplan and Dann Stupp are pointing out that the call begins at 4 PM EST, just a half hour before Randy Couture’s scheduled press conference at Xtreme Couture.

Dana is Ready to Rock our World

Dana White has a huuuuge announcement to make at tonight’s Scream 2007 Awards which will be shown at 10 PM EST on Spike TV. The announcement apparently concerns UFC 79: Nemesis.

Pramit Mohapatra of The Baltimore Sun says that the UFC has informed him that Wanderlei Silva's opponent at UFC 79

will be revealed by White tonight. I think we all know who it might be… and if it’s not, I will stab my left eye out as promised.

Update 10:18 PM: It’s now official - Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79. Even though we’ve technically knew about it for a while now, it still feels good to know it’s finally happening.

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