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The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 6

The show starts with the fighters analyzing last week’s fight between Mikey Burnett and Din Thomas. Some of the fighters say that they are surprised that Burnett tapped so quickly and that they thought he had passed out. Team No Love discusses strategies and decide that Pete Sell should fight Charles McCarthy and Jorge Rivera should take on Patrick Cote. Jorge voices his displeasure since he wanted to be the one to step into the octagon with Sell.

McCarthy is then shown whining about Burnett’s loss. The fighters are then shown talking about how miserable McCarthy is all of the time - They also nickname him ‘Captain Miserable’. Back at the house, McCarthy finds that someone has written the word ‘personality’ on his request list. McCarthy checks the other fighters’ lists for matching and handwriting and is convinced that it was Sell. He confronts Sell who denies doing it and then becomes upset that he is being accused. Later on, Shonie admits to being the one who wrote on McCarthy’s list.

Randy Couture comes to the house and informs Jorge that his wife just gave birth to his new baby daughter. Randy gives Jorge a phone so he can see photos and video of his new daughter. The fighters are called to the gym where they learn that Rich Franklin will be one of the trainers for the next week. It is announced that Pete Sell will be taking on Charles McCarthy in this week’s fight.

They go over the UFC history of the two fighters - McCarthy lost to David Loiseau by TKO at UFC 53; Sell submitted Phil Baroni at UFC 51 and was knocked out by Nate Quarry at UFN 1. The fight begins with the two deciding to keep things standing and each trading a good number of punches. They go into the clinch and Sell is able to take McCarthy down. McCarthy tries to reverse his position and attempts a leg lock but Sell is able to get out of it and start pounding McCarthy. McCarthy is eventually able to get back up to his feet only to be quickly taken down again by Sell. The rounds ends with Sell raining down punches on McCarthy.

Round two begins and the two fighters quickly clinch. Sell gets McCarthy in a guillotine but McCarthy is able to get out of it and gain top position. McCarthy throws some punches and elbows from the top as Sell is not able to get out from the bottom. McCarthy continues to lay on Sell and throw the occasional punch or elbow until the round ends. Dana White checks with the judges and it is determined that there will be a sudden victory round three.

The third rounds begins similar to the first as both fighters are content to stand and trade punches. Sell takes McCarthy down and lands some solid elbows. McCarthy struggles to get up on his feet but is unable to get free from Sell. McCarthy attempts an arm bar with under a minute left but is unable to submit Sell. Sell is announced as the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, McCarthy states that he believes he tore his ACL in the first round.

A Rematch Two Years in the Making

As UFC 63 draws closer, the amount of coverage the event is starting to receive is picking up in a big way…

FOX Sports: Hughes-Penn rematch two years in the making

You might think Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight titleholder Matt Hughes is gunning for revenge going into his rematch with B.J. Penn at UFC 63 on Saturday.

After all, Penn didn’t just beat Hughes for the welterweight title in 2004. He embarrassed the champ.

But Hughes says the one-sided, first-round submission loss was precisely what he needed at the time.

“In some ways, that loss to B.J. was the best thing that ever happened to me,” said the 32-year old Hughes.

Yves Edwards Released

MMAWeekly Radio broke news that Yves Edwards has been released from the UFC. Edwards was rumored to be fighting at UFC 64 against Justin James but the fight has been cancelled and Edwards is gone.

From the Mouth of Dana White

Leading up to UFC 63 this week, UFC President Dana White has to be very vocal. However, he decided to comment on a few of the rumors that have been floating around as of late, things that he really didn’t even have to address.

When it comes to the stories out there that say many big-name UFC fighters are considering leaving the company because of horrible pay, what does White have to say?

“Believe me when I tell you, brother, people aren’t leaving me,” Dana White said in an interview Tuesday.

While declining to detail UFC’s finances, he said his athletes were happy with their take. “We’re a private company and our fighters make a lot of money, a lot of money,” he added.

“None of us are arguing, none of us are bitching and none of us are fighting. We get along with all of our fighters very well. They feel like they’re part of a very happy family. Let me tell you what, I can sleep at night. I’m not in this for the money and I never was.

“We’re a real business. We’ve got this thing rolling and we’re thrilled, thrilled that these guys are able to make what they’re making.”

Dana happened to use UFC Middleweight Champion as an example of this:

White cited middleweight champion Rich Franklin, a native of Cincinnati whose UFC deal calls for a basic fee of $18,000 per fight with another $18,000 for each win.

“Him and his wife just bought 15 acres of land and a big fat house that they just moved into,” White said.

White also decided to comment on Jeremy Lappen, CEO of the WFA, and the real reason as to why he was ejected from UFC 61.

White also denied being responsible for having the head of the rival World Fighting Alliance ejected from the Mandalay Bay at UFC 61: Bitter Rivals. Jeremy Lappen was asked to leave by Mandalay Bay officials, White said, because he had people distributing flyers in the casino for a WFA event.

The UFC president said he “embraced” competition from rival organizations.

“These guys create the talent that’s going to end up in my show some day. I’ve got no problem with these guys.”

“I’ve made more millionaires in this business than anybody else has,” White added.

Those are pretty brash comments by Dana right there. However with the UFC on top of the MMA world right now, I’d say that he can make those remarks whenever he pleases…

UFC 63 Countdown

Tonight Spike TV will be airing ‘Countdown to UFC 63’ at 11 pm. The show will feature in-depth interviews with Penn and Hughes along with training footage and fight clips from their previous battle.

Pride Talks The Real Deal, Liddell-Silva

Pride held yet another press conference yesterday discussing details about their upcoming US debut in October…

We already learned about the announcements of Josh Barnett-Pawel Nastula and Mark Hunt-Eric Esch yesterday. Dream Stage CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara stated that some more fights will be named later this week and the rest of the card will be revealed at the end of the month.

It’s interesting to note that because the event is taking place in Nevada, the rules will be similar to those that the UFC uses with a couple of changes. The fight will obviously take place in a ring rather than the UFC’s famed octagon. As it pertains to striking, there will be no elbows to the head permitted while on the ground. Kicking or kneeing of a downed opponent will be illegal as well despite that it is usually allowed in Pride events.

No shoes or Gi’s are allowed to be worn. The fights will be three five-minutes rounds instead of Pride’s usual one ten minute round followed by two five-minute rounds. The event will be four hours long and will be broadcast on PPV and the web.

Even more interesting then those announcements is the fact that Sakakibara was willing to talk about Silva-Liddell and the current status of the possible matchup. ..

“Speaking on behalf of Pride, we are ready anytime. Also, Wanderlei is ready. We just need the doctor’s confirmation regarding his injury from last week. We are still waiting for the UFC’s response. Mirko even said that if Wanderlei is not ready to fight in November, he would fight in his place. In some interviews, Mr. Dana White stated that this fight won’t happen. However, speaking from Pride’s side, we are ready.”

Hey, that’s not what Dana said!

I really don’t know which side to believe. I want to side with Dana and the UFC seeing how Pride has screwed over other promotions before by pulling crap like this whole saga. I wonder what he will have to say about this.

Even though Dana already said that Silva shouldn’t get a shot at Chuck Liddell because he was destroyed by Mirko Cro Cop, there is still room for things to happen. Dana’s right - Silva shouldn’t get Chuck after that massacre.

But if what Dana said at UFC 61 is true - They were supposed to have Wanderlei for three fights - Why don’t they have Wanderlei face someone else, like Babalu or Forrest for example. This way Tito can get his title shot and providing Chuck and Wanderlei both win, they can meet after that.

I’m such a genius…

Eddie Sanchez In, Gabriel Gonzaga Out

Gabriel Gonzaga has been forced to withdraw from his fight against Mario Neto which was set to take place September 23rd on the UFC 63: Hughes vs. Penn II card. Gonzaga’s replacement will be Eddie Sanchez who is very eager to prove himself in the octagon.

ADCC: For someone who has never seen you fight, what can someone expect when they see Eddie Sanchez in the Octagon?
EDDIE: You can expect to see one of the most athletic heavyweights you’ve ever seen. I have heavyweight power with welterweight speed. Fists will be flying and bodies will be dropping. I am a jiu-jitsu fighter but I love to strike.

Singer to Fight Haynes

‘The Ultimate Fighter’ veterans Rory Singer and Josh Haynes will meet up in the octagon October 10, 2006 when the UFC presents UFC Fight Night on Spike TV.

ADCC: You will be fighting a previous house mate from the Ultimate Fighter season three, Josh Haynes, on October 10th, 2006 in Florida . In a previous interview with us you said that you got along well with him and still talk to him quite a bit. Will it be hard to fight him?
RORY: Josh and I actually spoke about us being offered a fight against one another. We decided business was business and we could put our friendship aside for fifteen minutes if need be. I just spoke with Josh a few weeks ago. We spoke about how our training was going, how our families were doing and other stuff friends talk about. Neither one of us was completely happy with having to fight each other but realized that this is a job and sometimes these things can’t be avoided. We will be friends before the fight and after the fight. For a possible 15 minutes I promise we will try to beat the fuck out of one another.

Liddell-Silva = No Go

Chuck Liddell versus Wanderlei Silva may one day happen but it won’t be in November. UFC president Dana White recently spoke about the fight and Silva’s loss in the Pride Open Weight Grand Prix.

“It kind of defeats the purpose now. The guy just got, literally, destroyed. They’re (PRIDE) still saying we can do a fight in November. They can’t do a fight in November. The athletic commission would put them on suspension for 90 days. The guy got knocked out cold. First, he got beaten to death, then he got knocked out cold. There’s no way the guy could fight again in a month and a half. Plus, he just lost.”

Cummo vs. Pointon Added to UFC Fight Night 7

According to Luke Cummo’s official website, he will be facing off against Ross Pointon October 10th at UFC Fight Night 7.

October 10, 2006 - I will be facing Ross Pointon of The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 on the October 10 UFC Fight Night featuring Shamrock-Ortiz 3.

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