Tito Ortiz

Dana White Goes Pro

UFC President Dana White received a professional boxing license from the Nevada State Athletic Comission on Monday morning in order to go ahead with his scheduled exhibition boxing match against Tito Ortiz on March 24th.

Some details about the match have been found out: The bout will be three rounds that are three minutes long. There will be a referee officiating the bout and doctors will be on hand. There will be no judges to score the bout since it is an exhibition.

The general public will not able to see the bout wherever it takes place but it is expected that fans will be able to watch it on the internet.

For those who aren’t familar with the background on this story - Ortiz was guaranteed a fight with White when he resigned with the UFC last year. White was an amateur boxer from 1988-1995.

From The Mailbag: 2/1/07

Well I guess this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to our newest feature - From The Mailbag. Basically if you send in a question, we will try our best to answer it and post it on the site under this heading. Simple as that…

C Rizzle writes:

If Rampage gets through Eastman and I figure he will, do you see Dana matching him up with Liddell right away? (I see him getting 2 fights before a title bout) If not and you are going to give him another bout before the title fight, I could very well see Dana matching him up with Evans, and in light of Evans comments saying he would “knock Jackson out”, I think this could have some merit to it. Or do you see him fighting a Sobral, Jardine, etc. What are your thoughts?

Basically I think it’s all going to come down to what Dana White decides to do. The Light-Heavyweight division is absolutely stacked, we already know that. The problem is that there is no legitimate number one contender to Chuck Liddell’s belt.

Could Quinton Jackson get an immediate title shot if he beats Marvin Eastman? It’s very possible and only because there isn’t any other fighter that is a step ahead of the rest right now and would be a just challenger.

If Rashad Evans and Keith Jardine are forced to fight or else they are terminated from their UFC contracts, I think the two will fight. If not, another scenario Dana may be visualize is Tito Ortiz vs Keith Jardine and Quinton Jackson vs Rashad Evans. Another thing that may prevent this is the fact that Forrest and Tito are heavily rumored to be fighting at UFC 70.

Michael Bisping is still going to have two or three more fights before he is seriously considered just like the rest of The Ultimate Fighter alumni. Renato Sobral and Jason Lambert are scheduled to fight at UFC 68 so that takes them out of the picture for now…

But where does this leave Liddell? Is he going to have to go through another UFC 57-UFC 62 stretch where he doesn’t fight? Will Dana try to grab Wanderlei Silva again? There’s so many possible scenarios that could happen, it’s too early to really to gage what’s going to happen until some of these fights go down and future matchups are finalized.

Anyway there are my thoughts on the situation. Hope I answered your question well enough…

Happy Birthday Tito

Yesterday was Tito Ortiz’s birthday - He turned 32.

His girlfriend Jenna Jameson had a little surprise for him...

NSFW in case anyone is wondering. Well unless your boss is the coolest ever…

What’s Next for Tito Ortiz?

Crooks wants to know:

What’s next for Tito Ortiz?

Thanks for the question Crooks. At this point it’s tough to say what’s next for Tito Ortiz. He is in a situation where he has lost twice to the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. The one positive for Ortiz was he looked great in the fight with Liddell. It’s tough to say what the UFC will do next for Tito, he may get a comback fight much like Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin against someone who is tough but should be beaten.

I currently think the best match the UFC could put together is a showdown between Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Tito Ortiz. The one downer is the fact that both guys are coming off tough losses to Chuck Liddell. The UFC may want to give them a chance to get a win or two before they set this one up but they desperately need to in the near future. The fans want it and both guys are very popular, marketable fighters.

Ortiz hasn’t hesitated from speaking his mind on the situation with Babalu either as he called him a “B level fighter”. The war of words took place in September after Babalu lost to Chuck Liddell at UFC 62. Ortiz went onto the radio and said:

“Renato Babalu is not really as good as they try to make him to be. They kind of painted the picture more of what they think. I think that was a typical fight for Liddell. That fight will go the same way each and every time. The first time went 2 minutes and 30 seconds and this second one went 1 minute. Renato Babalu is nor really that great of a fighter. He’s a great ‘B’ fighter and an average ‘A’ fighter. He’s not at the level of (Randy) Couture, Liddell or myself.”
Babalu fired back saying:

“I earned my title shot after my results in the octagon. I won my way up to the title shot against Liddell and Tito has his fight guaranteed on a contract. I won my way up with 10 wins in a row with the last three being in the UFC by submission. Tito had two victories in his recent UFC fights with the judges helping him… very controversial results, not convincing!!! Even though I believe it’s impossible, I really hope Tito beats Liddell because it will be easier to smash his face and get the title from him instead of Liddell.”
It’s tough to say who will be next but we know one thing, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Tito Ortiz won’t be locking horns in the octagon as they are both friends and training partners. As you said in your email there have been “rumors” floating around that he may get matched up with either Babalu, Evans, Griffin, or Jardine.

Right now I’d say Jardine or Babalu would be the most likely to be Ortiz’s next opponent. Jardine is coming off of a big win over Forrest Griffin and he is now in a situation where he has to face the division’s best and he’ll find that in Ortiz. After that I’d say Babalu vs. Ortiz is next with the winner getting tossed back into title contention. I don’t see Griffin vs. Ortiz happening right now as both guys are coming off of tough losses and being poster boys of the UFC it will do neither fighter any good losing. Griffin doesn’t want to face a healthy Tito Ortiz after being knocked out by Keith Jardine.

One thing we need to keep in mind is the UFC also acquired the contract of Lyoto Machida so he is a possible opponent for all of the top guys in the division. He will be fighting Sam Hogar at UFC 67 and if he wins that the future will be bright.

So at this point I’d say Jardine seems like the front-runner followed by Babalu.

Feel free to e-mail us your thoughts or questions.

UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II Live Blog

Be sure to tune in at 10 PM EST as I’ll be doing one of our patented live blogs for UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II.

- We are live folks!

- All of the fighters are currently doing the typical pre-fight promos.

- Mike Goldberg graces the microphone to provide his pre-fight thoughts on Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. Goldberg is joined by his partner Joe Rogan.

- The UFC shows a new feature called the ‘Text Vote’ and Chuck Liddell has garnered 65% of the votes.

- The first fight of the night is Michael Bisping versus Eric Schafer.

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UFC 66 Media Roundup

Here’s a few links to fill you in on what sports writers around the country are saying about UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II…

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Video Interviews
Keith Jardine and Forrest Griffin
Carmelo Marrero and Gabriel Gonzaga
Jason MacDonald and Chris Leben
Thiago Alves and Tony DeSouza
Christian Wellisch and Anthony Perosh
Marcio Cruz and Andrei Arlovski
Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell
Eric Schafer and Michael Bisping
UFC 66 Press Conference - Ortiz and Liddell
UFC 66 Press Conference - Jardine, Griffin, Schafer, Bisping
Liddell vs. Ortiz II Predictions

UFC Update: St. Pierre, Cro Cop, Rampage, Franca

UFC President Dana White has stated that UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre may be fighting Diego Sanchez April 7th in Montreal for the welterweight title. It was originally thought that St. Pierre would rematch Matt Hughes but it’s now up in the air.

It is all but confirmed that PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix champion Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic has signed with the UFC. Look for an announcement to come soon, possibly on the December 30th show.

On the most recent edition of ‘Inside the UFC’, lightweights Jens Pulver and B.J. Penn were introduced as the coaches for season 5 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and also Joe Rogan announced that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson would be fighting in the UFC in 2007.

It has been confirmed that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s first fight in the UFC will come against UFC and PRIDE veteran Marvin Eastman at UFC 67. This fight was originally scheduled to take place on WFA: King of the Streets II but the fight was cancelled and shortly after the Zuffa LLC purchased the organization.

Randy Couture’s name has reemerged in the media as he stated that if Tito Ortiz beats Chuck Liddell at UFC 66, he’ll come out of retirement to fight Ortiz. “If Tito finds a way to beat Chuck, I’m going to have to come out of retirement and give Tito a whack.”

InsideFighting.com sat down with UFC lightweight Hermes Franca and he stated that he signed a new four fight deal with the UFC and his next fight would be January 25th at the Hard Rock in Miami, Florida.

Be sure to tune into Spike TV Thursday, December 28th, as they will be airing UFC 66: Countdown to Liddell vs. Ortiz II, All Access with Chuck Liddell and of course Inside the UFC with Joe Rogan. That will be followed by Live and Inside at 10 PM on Friday.

Finally remember to tune in live on December 30th at 10 PM EST as I’ll be doing one of our patented ‘Live Blogs’.

Mario Yamasaki Will Referee Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz II

The Fight Network is reporting that referee Mario Yamasaki has been assigned by the NSAC to officiate the championship bout between Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz on December 30th at UFC 66: Liddell vs. Ortiz II.

Liddell Speaks on Franklin and Ortiz

UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell recently spoke with Jose Rodriguez from the Calgary Sun on Tito Ortiz and a possible fight with Rich “Ace” Franklin.

When speaking on Franklin, Liddell said he’d be willing to fight him but Rich would have to move up to 205 where he has fought in the past.

“I’ll fight Rich. I think it would be more exciting than me fighting Tito,” he said in reference to his upcoming title defence against challenger Tito Ortiz.

Liddell says there’s no way he’ll cut down to 185 lbs. but Franklin has fought at 205 lbs. in the past. And if that doesn’t work, Liddell says he’s willing to meet him halfway — at 195 lbs.

“I like Rich, he’s a nice guy and I don’t wish it upon him, but I’ll fight him anytime he wants,” says Liddell

Liddell kept things short when speaking about Ortiz.

“It’ll be fun beating him up,” says Liddell.

“He gets mad at his friends that are still friends of mine,” says Liddell. “He’s still mad I beat him up.”

Team Punishment Dominates; Herman Upset

Tonight fighters and fans filled the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida to witness Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock III - ‘The Final Chapter’.

The evening began with a light heavyweight battle between Seth Petruzelli and Matt Hamill. The fight was a long one in which we saw Matt Hamill come out the victor.

Early in the fight Hamill secured his takedowns and he was able to land a shot which opened up a cut and caused a big mouse under the eye of Petruzelli. This was the beginning of the end for Seth. Petruzelli spent the majority of this fight on the canvas wiping blood out of his eyes while his opponent lay on top of him and mounting no offense.

The only bright spot of the fight for Seth Petruzelli was in the second round when he landed a kick that stunned Hamill and opened up a nice cut under his right eye. Besides that most of Petruzelli’s game was neutralized by Hamill’s superior wrestling ability.

It would be nice to see Matt Hamill more aggressive when on the canvas. He has excellent wrestling and usually has little trouble taking the fight to the canvas. When he gets it to the ground he stalls, he doesn’t mount much offense no does he even try to pass the guard.

One other thing I noticed about Hamill was his striking and striking defense. Hamill tends to lower his hands quite a bit leaving himself open for shots. He throws punches they are usually sluggish and slow. We saw Petruzelli rock Hamill more then once during the fight but each time he used his wrestling to regain his composure. Either way in the end he did enough to earn himself a unanimous decision victory.

The second televised fight of the night was a middleweight battle between Ed Herman and Jason MacDonald. MacDonald showed fans he wasn’t a stepping stone as he finished Herman early with a beautiful triangle choke.

Herman came out early and secured a nice takedown but we quickly saw a war of reversals until MacDonald went from the mount to a triangle. He then sunk the triangle in deep and began to work for an armbar at the same time. Herman showed alot of heart and held on for quite a while under MacDonald wrapped his arm around Herman’s leg so he could no longer move. Eventually it was too much and Herman gave in and tapped out.

Next was another Team Punishment member and ‘The Ultimate Fighter III’ champion Kendall Grove going up against Chris Price.

Grove looked great from start to finish. Early in the fight Grove worked his strikes well before the fight was finally taken to the canvas. From there was able to move to the mount on more then one occasion before he was finally able to secure the mount late in the first and start raining down elbows. Grove nailed Price numerous times and finally he tapped and the ref called the fight.

Afterwards Grove stated that he’d like to step into the octagon with his counterpart Rory Singer. Singer fought earlier on the show against Josh Haynes winning by unanimous decision. Singer and Grove had a little feud on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ in which Grove wrote expletives all over Rory’s training gear. Grove wouldn’t step up and admit to it and Rory was furious.

Next up was ‘The Final Chapter’ between UFC superstars Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz. Both fighters entered the octagon looking calm and confident but as was the case in the first two fights Ortiz made fairly easy work of Shamrock knocking him out at 2:33 of the first round.

Shamrock came out and looked very calm unlike the second fight when he bull rushed Tito. The fight started fairly slow until the two fighters clinched in the middle of the octagon and Tito literally manhandled Shamrock and pinned him up against the cage. From there he took the fight to the ground and began the assault.

Tito worked the elbows from the guard before he finally switched to punches. He rocked Shamrock with a few shots and followed it up with a barrage of hard punches that knocked Ken out. “Big” John jumped in between them and Shamrock was clearly out after the fight.

After the fight it was nice to see the two fighters embrace one another and show respect. Ken clearly wanted to bury the hatchet and Tito showed alot of maturity respecting that and agreeing.

When Joe Rogan interviewed Ken after the fight he announced that it would be the last time he’d fight in the octagon and like a true gentleman Ortiz came up, shook Ken’s hand and thanked him for everything he had done in the sport and wished him well.

Undercard action saw Marcus Davis defeat Forrest Petz via a guillotine choke. Both fighters exchanged strikes for the better part of the first four minutes before Petz got caught late with a guillotine.

Thiago Alves put himself back on the winning streak by earning himself a unanimous decision over the very tough John Alessio. UFC newcomer Tony DeSouza submitted Dustin Hazelett late in the first with a triangle choke.

UFC middleweight contender Nathan Marquardt had a successful return to the octagon after spending the better part of 7 months on the shelf due to a suspension issued for taking a banned substance. Marquardt finished his opponent in the second round via the rear naked choke.

Update 10/11 9:00 AM - The media coverage for this event has been pretty big so far…

UFC: Ortiz Retires Shamrock with First Round TKO
Sherdog: Once, Twice, Three Times No Maybes
Miami Herald: Ortiz defeats Shamrock to earn title shot; Shamrock retires; Ortiz claims Ultimate victory
Boston Herald: Ortiz unlucky for Shamrock
Calgary Sun: Shamrock anything but lucky in loss to Ortiz
Houston Chronicle: Ortiz pounds Shamrock into retirement
CBC: More of the same as Ortiz wins The Final Chapter
Long Beach Press-Telegram: Ortiz tees off on Shamrock
Boxing Scene: Ortiz Demolishes Shamrock in Trilogy Bout

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