The Ultimate Fighter

Shamrock’s Final Hurrah; Ortiz’s Road Block

Tomorrow night’s UFC Fight Night will mean different things to different fighters. Will tomorrow night be Ken Shamrock’s last fight, win or lose? Is Shamrock just an easy obstacle for Ortiz to hurdle over right before his December rematch with Chuck Liddell for the UFC Light-Heavyweight title.

Kendall Grove, Matt Hamill, and Ed Herman are all TUF3 guys who will be returning to the octagon against MMA veterans. Rising UFC welterweight contenders Thiago Alves and John Alessio will face off on the undercard as well.

Another fight that intrigues me - Nathan Marquardt fighting for the first since UFC 58 against Crafton Wallace. Why Marquardt hasn’t fought since March is a mystery to me. After his victory over Joe Doerksen, Marquardt was considered one of the top contenders to Rich Franklin’s middleweight belt. Since then, a handful of middleweights have gained ground and Marquardt isn’t considered in the same breath as Mike Swick, David Loiseau, and Chris Leben anymore.

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UFC’s Monday Marathon

Be sure to tune into Spike TV tomorrow starting at 11:30 am as they’ll be televising two straight days of UFC programming. The schedule is as follows:

Monday, October 9th, 2006
11:30 am - 12:00 pm - All Access: Tito Ortiz
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm - The Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback Marathon
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm - Live and Inside - Ortiz/Shamrock Weigh-In
8:30 pm - 9:00 pm - All Access: Tito Ortiz (encore)
11:30 pm - 12:00 am - Countdown to UFC 64

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
9:00 am - 8:00 pm - The Ultimate Fighter 3 Marathon
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Ortiz vs. Shamrock III ‘The Final Chapter’

The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 8

I think I’ll go with a change of pace this week - It’s not because I’m lazy, I’ll put that out there right now. However I finally discovered that the UFC puts episode recaps on the official site of the show. I really think that I’m the last person on the Earth to know this. Anyway, instead of recapping this week’s episode, I’ll let the UFC themselves do it…

Episode 8 - True Colors

Fighters recap Matt Serra’s victory against Pete Spratt. Gideon Ray says that everyone was stunned when out of nowhere Matt fires a big kick to Pete’s head. Pete says he didn’t know that Matt’s little legs could reach that high. Edwin points out that Matt was aggressive and that once he got the take down it was pretty much over. He took Pete’s back and beat his ears in.

At the house, Shonie explains that all of the welterweights from Team Mojo have now made it into the finals. He’s no longer looking at this competition as a team effort and announces to Team No Love that he will be joining them at training today. As Shonie gets into their van, it’s clear that he is not welcome. Team No Love attempts to explain why it isn’t cool to come along to their training session but Shonie responds with “I don’t give a f***.”

During Team No Love’s training session, Jorge Rivera and Rich Clementi explain to Randy Couture that Team Mojo should have stopped Shonie from coming to their session. To illustrate the point, Team No Love is going to take a stand by sticking around for Team Mojo’s training.

On the way to training center, Team Mojo is upset that Shonie has decided to jump ship before everyone has made it through the preliminary round. Matt reminds everyone that Shonie needed the team’s support to win his first fight against Rich Clementi and that the team made an agreement to help each other get to the semi-finals. Matt says he feels betrayed and is going to take care of this situation when he gets to the gym.

Team Mojo arrives at the gym to find Team No Love hanging around. Matt talks to Travis who explains that No Love is sticking around because Shonie stayed for their training session. Matt says that Shonie’s is training with Team No Love because he’s already made it to the semi-finals. Matt is upset because Shonie seems to have forgotten that his own teammates have helped him get as far as he has. Matt reminds Shonie of their original agreement to help each other out until the semi-finals. Shonie tells Matt that this was a one-time event and will never happen again, but Matt is not convinced that Shonie is being sincere.

Later that night, Team No Love tells Team Mojo that earlier, Shonie was saying “F*** the Grey Team.” Matt feels this is a slap in the face. Pete Sell thinks Shonie should be kissing their ass after all the times they stood up for him. Matt is done defending Shonie.

As Patrick Cote steps into the octagon to train, Georges St. Pierre explains that he and Cote have been friends for some time now. He says that Cote is an aggressive fighter. Patrick says GSP is one of the reasons that he is here. GSP says he is looking forward to giving Cote some advice regarding his upcoming fight with Jorge Rivera. GSP thinks Cote needs to put the pressure on and make Jorge back up. If GSP needs to pick a winner, he’s choosing Cote.

Now it’s Jorge’s turn in the octagon. He trains with long time friend and coach, Mark DellaGrotte. Mark thinks Jorge has made a lot of gains since he’s been here and is better rounded in his game than Cote. Jorge thinks he’s a better Thai boxer than Cote and can defeat him in a clinch. He’s going to fight him southpaw with a lot of kicks to the body and head. Mark thinks this fight will come down to whether or not Cote can get Jorge to slug with him.

At the fighter meeting, Dana introduces another guest trainer, the legendary Chuck Liddell. Matt Serra is excited about learning new moves from Liddell. Chuck says he’s here to add to their game, not change it. Cote says he’s excited about having a world champion around.

As Patrick Cote train for his fight, he explains that he’s twenty-six years old and hails from Quebec, Canada. He says that MMA is what he’s best at. He loves to fight and likes to be cocky in front of big crowds. Dana explains he was the light heavyweight champion in Canada and was someone they definitely wanted in the UFC. Unfortunately, he has been struggling in the United States. All three of Cote’s MMA losses come from the UFC.

UFC 50 was Cote’s debut. He was scheduled to fight Marvin Eastman but when Guy Metzger couldn’t compete against Tito Otriz, Cote was given the call and he stepped up to fight the superstar Ortiz. It was a dream come true for Cote to be fighting in the main event in front of a huge crowd for his first UFC experience. Cote actually dropped Tito in the first round but Tito recovered, took Cote down and started to ground and pound. Cote says he received about 200 elbows from Tito, but he survived and proved he was tough fighter.

Cote got his second chance at UFC 52 against Joe Doerksen. It was his first fight at 185 pounds. Cote believes he dominated this fight until he got caught with a rear naked choke in the third round.

Even though he lost, Dana was impressed with Cote’s ability and gave him another shot at Ultimate Fight Night 1 against Chris Leben. They went out and banged for three rounds. Unfortunately, it was a split decision in favor of Leben. Cote thinks he won that fight and says that some people in the media feel the same way too.

Cote says he’s the best fighter with the worst record. He may not have a win in the UFC, but he always puts on a good show. Cote says that someday he wants his picture up on the wall at the training center and is willing to work like a dog to make it happen. Dana says he’s a favorite to win this at 185 pounds. Cote says he came to the competition to win it all and fight Rich Franklin. He believes that nobody is unbeatable on this planet.

Jorge Rivera is a 34 year old from Milford, Massachusetts. He says he was a knucklehead who used to fight a lot. MMA gave him an avenue to release a lot of his anger and pain. Dana saw Jorge fight for the first time at a small show in Boston. He was one of the toughest fighters he had seen in a long time so he gave him a shot in UFC. His overall record is 13 wins and 5 losses. His UFC record is 2 and 3.

Jorge’s first time in UFC octagon was against David Loiseau at UFC 44. They ended up fighting in the clinch. Loiseau opened two cuts on Jorge’s head with his elbows. In the third round Jorge caught Loiseau with a punch. But before he could finish him with strikes, the round was over. Dana says Jorge would have gotten the knock out but had to settle for a unanimous decision win.

Jorge’s second fight was UFC 46 against a street fighter from London, Lee Murray. Murray was rumored to have beaten up Ortiz outside of a club in London. Murray was known for his striking abilities so Jorge decided to take him down but got unexpectedly arm barred less than a minute into the first round.

Jorge next fought Rich Franklin at UFC 50. Rich had won two fights at light heavyweight and this was his first middleweight fight. The fight was an all out war. Jorge surprised Rich early in the first round but Rich came back with a vengeance. In the second round, Jorge actually hurt Rich with some punches and a knee. Round three was the deciding round so Rich took the fight to the ground and finished Jorge with an arm bar. This loss sent Jorge out of the UFC.

Jorge then won 3 out of 4 fights outside of the UFC, so they brought him back for UFC 55. His opponent was Dennis Hallman. Jorge controlled all three rounds of that fight and won by unanimous decision. This win put him back on the road to middleweight title contention.

Jorge next fight was against Chris Leben at Ultimate Fight Night 3. By this time, an undefeated Leben had already beaten Edwin DeWees and Patrick Cote. Leben finished Jorge quickly in the first round but Jorge insists that Leben got lucky. Dana says Jorge’s a tough, durable guy and can really use this opportunity to get his career back on track.

It’s fight day and both Cote and Jorge head to the gym. Cote plans to be on Jorge’s face right from the start and Matt Serra tells him that he needs to control the center of the cage. Cote knows that Jorge want to take him down but he will do everything he can to stand with him and knock him out.
Jorge is going to come out orthodox and use his distance to beat him and if he needs to he’ll take Cote down. Jorge knows that Cote is a good boxer and will want to stand. Both warriors enter the octagon.

Early in round one, Jorge take Cote down to the ground. Jorge attempts to throw big punches but is blocked. Cote struggles to get back up, and manages to kick Jorge in the face. Jorge goes down and Cote is quick to jump on him. Cote tries to advance but he’s having trouble getting past Jorge’s guard. He does manage however, to throw some good punches. They both stand right before the end of the round.

In round two it’s Cote’s who takes Jorge down. Cote gets half guard but struggles to advance. Jorge manages to get Cote in a choke but can’t hold on to him. Jorge ends up pinned on his back again. When they both fail to advance their position, the referee stands them up. They trade punches but quickly clinch against the cage. Cote gets Jorge down again and throws a few shots to the body. Before he can do much damage, the round ends and Cote is declared the winner.

Jorge recaps the beginning of round one and how he took Cote down. Cote says he was not expecting it. Georges St. Pierre explains that Cote was losing the round up until the end when he knocked Jorge down with a kick to the head. Jorge says he got a flash knock out from that kick. Cote noticed that Jorge seemed tired in the second round. Jorge says he doesn’t remember much of round two. He remembers going for the guillotine and then Cote taking him down to finish the round.

Cote is happy about having his first win in the UFC and making it into the semi-finals. Jorge is going to have to face his friends and family with a loss rather than a victory. He fights to put food on his table and is disappointed that he is not going any further in this competition.

The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 7


The show starts off with a recap of the Pete Sell-Charles McCarthy fight. Everyone was in agreement that Sell won the fight by unanimous decision. Dana White now says that Matt Serra and Pete Spratt will be the last welterweight fight before the semi-finals begin. Rich Franklin joins both teams for another training session. He says that he will show the fighters some stuff but he is not going to show the middleweights everything since he will probably be fighting one of them in the near future.

Franklin also talks about how hard it is to train with the fighters being that his hand is still injured and that a lot of the fighters still have staph infections. Jorge Rivera says that having Franklin here is a waste because he doesn’t really train with the guys and barely offers any advice. He honestly believes that he came onto the show to scout out his future opponents. (It’s also possible that Rivera feels that way being that Franklin has previously defeated him.)

Later that night, Sell decides to celebrate his victory over McCarthy by having a few drinks. Serra comments on how Sell likes to drink as hard as he trains sometimes. A few drinks turn into a lot and Sell ends up passing out in bed. Scott Smith sprinkles water on Sell while he is in bed, making Sell believe that someone sneezed on him whille he was sleeping.

At the next day’s training session, Franklin comments on how the fighters are barely doing anything at all and moving very slow throught their routines. Serra speaks up and says that he is annoyed with Franklin’s attitude and the fact that he doesn’t even train with any of the fighters. Dana chimes in and says that the fighters shouldn’t be worried about Franklin’s attitude and should be attempting to learn as much as they can with Rich while the opportunity is available.

While Serra is training with Patrick Cote, Franklin walks over and gives Serra some advice, telling him to drop down to a knee after touching gloves to begin the fight. Serra takes the advice as a complete joke and makes a big deal about it with the other fighters. Franklin says that he only gave him the advice because he already stated that he didn’t want to stand with Spratt and also because it’s never been done before. (I think it’s actually decent advice, considering that Spratt is not permitted to knee a downed opponent under the rules.) Franklin gets ready to leave the training center to head back home and says that none of the fighters here will become champion will he has the belt.

Back at the house, the fighters try to annoy McCarthy, making fun of him for asking Franklin about the advice to Serra and drawing a ‘Captain Miserable’ cartoon and placing it out in the open for him to see. Dana White goes over Matt Serra’s past UFC history and the two fighters head to the training center during the day of the fight. (There’s no need for Dana to go over Spratt’s again since it already done earlier in the series)

The fight starts and Serra quickly goes to take down Spratt. Spratt is able to avoid the attempt and nails Serra flush with a punch. Serra throws a high kick that Spratt is able to block. Spratt goes for a knee but ends up getting taken down by Serra in the process. Serra works on the ground, gets a full mount, and starts raining down bombs on Spratt’s face and head. Spratt turns around on his stomach but continues to receive a beating from Serra, forcing him to tap out.


The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 6

The show starts with the fighters analyzing last week’s fight between Mikey Burnett and Din Thomas. Some of the fighters say that they are surprised that Burnett tapped so quickly and that they thought he had passed out. Team No Love discusses strategies and decide that Pete Sell should fight Charles McCarthy and Jorge Rivera should take on Patrick Cote. Jorge voices his displeasure since he wanted to be the one to step into the octagon with Sell.

McCarthy is then shown whining about Burnett’s loss. The fighters are then shown talking about how miserable McCarthy is all of the time - They also nickname him ‘Captain Miserable’. Back at the house, McCarthy finds that someone has written the word ‘personality’ on his request list. McCarthy checks the other fighters’ lists for matching and handwriting and is convinced that it was Sell. He confronts Sell who denies doing it and then becomes upset that he is being accused. Later on, Shonie admits to being the one who wrote on McCarthy’s list.

Randy Couture comes to the house and informs Jorge that his wife just gave birth to his new baby daughter. Randy gives Jorge a phone so he can see photos and video of his new daughter. The fighters are called to the gym where they learn that Rich Franklin will be one of the trainers for the next week. It is announced that Pete Sell will be taking on Charles McCarthy in this week’s fight.

They go over the UFC history of the two fighters - McCarthy lost to David Loiseau by TKO at UFC 53; Sell submitted Phil Baroni at UFC 51 and was knocked out by Nate Quarry at UFN 1. The fight begins with the two deciding to keep things standing and each trading a good number of punches. They go into the clinch and Sell is able to take McCarthy down. McCarthy tries to reverse his position and attempts a leg lock but Sell is able to get out of it and start pounding McCarthy. McCarthy is eventually able to get back up to his feet only to be quickly taken down again by Sell. The rounds ends with Sell raining down punches on McCarthy.

Round two begins and the two fighters quickly clinch. Sell gets McCarthy in a guillotine but McCarthy is able to get out of it and gain top position. McCarthy throws some punches and elbows from the top as Sell is not able to get out from the bottom. McCarthy continues to lay on Sell and throw the occasional punch or elbow until the round ends. Dana White checks with the judges and it is determined that there will be a sudden victory round three.

The third rounds begins similar to the first as both fighters are content to stand and trade punches. Sell takes McCarthy down and lands some solid elbows. McCarthy struggles to get up on his feet but is unable to get free from Sell. McCarthy attempts an arm bar with under a minute left but is unable to submit Sell. Sell is announced as the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, McCarthy states that he believes he tore his ACL in the first round.

The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Episode 5

The show starts off with the fighters discussing Scott Smith’s loss to Travis Lutter. Many of the trainers and other fighters comment on how the fight was such a bad matchup for Smith. Rich Clementi feels that Matt Serra pressured Smith into fighting so that Serra’s friend Pete Sell didn’t have to. Team No Love has the opportunity to select who are the next two fighters to battle as well as the replacement for Jeremy Jackson.

Back at the house, Shonie Carter starts throwing empty water bottles into the pool, saying that he is going to make a raft out of them once he collects enough. Many of the fighters are annoyed with this and voice their feelings. The next morning, Rich goes to swim in the pool and throws all of the water bottles out of the water as well, saying that does not want to look like white trash while swimming.

The fighters are called to the gym and Randy Couture informs Team No Love that they have 24 hours to select Jackson’s replacement. They have a coin toss to see who will replace Jeremy between Rich and Pete Spratt. Rich loses the coin toss to Spratt. Back at the house, Spratt questions whether or not he should fight and tells Jorge Rivera that he might want Rich to take his place.

Shonie goes into the pool at 3:15 in the morning and starts making loud noises. Mikey Burnett comes out and confronts Shonie, who agrees to stop for the night. Burnett comments on how hard it is to live with Shonie and that he can’t put up with his antics for much longer. The next morning, the fighters wake up to find that all of the water bottles have been thrown back into the pool.

Jorge and Rich come to Din Thomas and ask him to talk to Shonie about his behavior. Thomas goes to talk to him and Shonie says that he really doesn’t care about what they think. Jorge demands that Shonie take all of the water bottles out of the pool and Shonie agrees to do it. Rich offers Spratt money to be able to fight for him but Spratt turns down the offer.

The fighters go back to the training center where it is revealed to everyone that Spratt will be Jackson’s replacement. Later that night, Shonie is successful in building his raft. The fighters once again go to the training center where Spratt announces the fight. He first says that he will be fighting Matt Serra but not this week, saying afterwards that Din Thomas will fight Mikey Burnett. Thomas is upset that he has been selected because everyone knows that he is sick with a staph infection.

They go over the fighters UFC histories before the fight begins. The fight starts out slow with both fighters throwing soft jabs and measuring each other up. Burnett throws a right cross but misses wide, allowing Thomas to take him down even though Burnett ends up on top. Thomas tries for a triangle but Burnett is able to get out of it and both fighters stand back up.

Burnett connects with a nice leg kick just before Thomas lands a quick right cross. Burnett swings wildy in response, only to be taken down by Thomas again. Thomas pulls guard and immediately secures a triangle choke, forcing Burnett to quickly tap out.

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 4 Catch-Up Again

Well I’ve been trying to keep up with the episodes but things just keep on getting in the way, here’s what has happened up until now…

Episode 3:

The episode begins with a quick recap of Edwin DeWees-Gideon Ray which DeWees won by unanimous decision in an extremely bloody and brutal fight. Back at the house, it seems that Shonie Carter is annoying the rest of the fighters with his crazy antics. Shonie just says that he really doesn’t care what other people think of his actions. During Team No Love’s training session, Jeremy Jackson talks about how the team’s morale is down after losing two straight fights. Dana White then talks about Jackson wasn’t even supposed to be on the show until the very last minute when another fighter pulled out.

Later that night, Jeremy makes a comment about how he doesn’t trust Din Thomas because of the way he looks. Din calls Jeremy out to fight because Jeremy supposedly doesn’t like to punch other people in the face. Dana brings in a big screen TV so the fighters can watch UFC 60. White reminds them that one of them will be facing either Matt Hughes or Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title in the near future. (We now know that it will be either Matt Hughes or BJ Penn)

Matt Serra is especially disappointed that Royce Gracie loses to Matt Hughes in such a decisive fashion. This makes Serra even more motivated to win the competition and take the title from Hughes being that Serra has trained extensively with the Gracies. The next while Team Mojo is training, Dana comes in and introduces Marc Laimon in as one of the new trainers. Laimon was previously a trainer on the first season of the show.  Serra immediately states his dislike for Laimon because of his training methods and because of a past confrontation.

While they are training, Laimon makes a comment about Gracie’s loss to Hughes the night before, making Serra extremely angry and causing him to go off on Laimon. He says that Laimon doesn’t even fight and has no place making a comment like that. Laimon responds with the fact that he studies MMA extensively and his opinion is very valid. When the fighters return to the house, they decide to pull a prank on Shonie. Earlier in the day, Shonie finished a drawing and then went to training. The fighters draw a replica of the piece and then deface it , making it look like Shonie’s artwork is destroyed while the other one is safely hidden away.

Shonie comes home and quickly loses his cool, challenging the culprit to a fight inside the Octagon no matter what the weight class. Jorge Rivera then brings out the real drawing and everyone laughs. The next day a Team Mojo training session, Randy Couture makes a remark about how talented of a fighter Jeremy Jackson is. Dana goes into Jeremy’s UFC history which consists of a loss to Nick Diaz. Jeremy was forced to stop fighting for a while because of some personal problems but has returned and is ready for action.

The fighters are called to the training center where they learn that Pete Spratt will be fighting Chris Lytle. After the two fighters are selected, Dana does a little profile on each of them. Both have fought numerous times in the UFC with both wins and losses. Dana then reveals that Spratt was actually offered the chance to challenge Matt Hughes for the welterweight title at one point but Pete turned down the offer, stating that he wasn’t ready. Both fighters weigh-in and then enter the Octagon the next day very confident that they will be able to win the fight.

The fight begins with the fighters touching gloves and Lytle immediately rushing after Spratt and pressing him against the cage before taking him down. Spratt leaves his neck open and Lytle quickly secures a guillotine choke, tapping Spratt out seconds later. After the fight, Pete is very upset that he lost the fight so quickly and was surprised at how Lytle came out so strong in the beginning of the round. Dana comments that Team Mojo has three guys in the semi-finals while Team No Love has none.

Episode 4:

The show begins with the fighters recapping Chris Lytle’s quick victory over Pete Spratt. Fighters from Team Mojo comment on how being in control of picking the fights by winning them gives them a distinct advantage in the game. Team No Love has a meeting and discusses who Team Mojo might pick to fight next. They are almost certain that it will be Patrick Cote calling out Travis Lutter.

Later that day, Travis Lutter and Pete Sell have a confrontation in the kitchen where Lutter bad mouths Sell. Sell tells Matt Serra about the situation and how he now wants to fight Lutter. Serra reminds Sell, who he has known since they were teenagers, to not let his emotions get the best of him that it’s all about making it to the semi-finals at this point and picking the best matchups for their team.

Scott Smith finds a rash on his arm. He walks over to the other teammates where Pete Sell says that he has a similar rash on his toe. They are sent to the hospital to get checked out only to find that they both have staph infections. Both Dana and Randy believe that one of the fighters came onto the show with the infection and that it was not received in the training center.

Jeremy Jackson has a conversation with Din Thomas about his personal life and why he had to step away from fighting. He tells Thomas that his brother died about two years ago and that he has been having so many problems that he has been living out of the trunk of his car for the past six months. Jackson says that his biggest problem is with women, whom he moves in with only to be kicked out shortly after. His main goal is to win the competition, get a title shot, and then win enough money so he can buy his own house.

Georges St. Pierre takes Team No Love to the local YMCA for a different kind of practice. It is there that Jeremy Jackson meets one of the lifeguards and asks her to meet him at the house at midnight that night. Later that night, all of the fighters are sitting outside talking. They each head inside to end the night and Jackson tells them that he is going to take a piss by the bushes. After everyone goes inside, Jackson hops the wall and goes and meets the lifeguard.

The next morning, the fighters receive a phone call that practice is cancelled and that Dana White is heading over to their house right then to make an important announcement. The fighters ask each other what it might be about and Jackson reveals that he snuck out of the house last night to meet with a girl. Dana enters the house and gathers the fighters into one room. It is there that he tells Jackson to back his bags and go home.

The staph infection appears to be spreading throughout the house as Din Thomas now has it as well. Patrick Cote is also said to have early signs of a possible infection. The fighters gather at the training center where it is announced that Scott Smith will take on Travis Lutter in the next fight. Dana gives small profiles on each fighter and why they deserve to be on the show. Dana believes that Lutter is the dark horse of the competition and could seriously win it all. Dana also noted that Scott Smith was put on the show to make up for his controversial loss to David Terrell at UFC 59, when a referee called for a clean break but Terrell continued fighting and submitted Smith.

Before the fight, both fighters reveal that they want to fight using their strengths: Lutter wants to take the fight to the ground; Smith wants to knock Lutter out standing up. The fight begans and the two do a little shadow boxing. Lutter fakes a right hand and then quickly gets behind Smith. Smith tries to keep Lutter from taking him down but Lutter successfully suplexes Smith onto the mat. Lutter takes Smith’s back and begins a ground and pound assault.

Lutter continues to pound away while Smith tries to cover up. Lutter then sees an opening and locks in a rear naked choke, forcing Smith to tap out. After the fight, Smith commented on how he knew he couldn’t stop Lutter once he got to the ground and that he must focus on that aspect of his game if he wants to become a better fighter and make it back to the UFC some day. Lutter’s win gives control back to Team No Love for the first time in weeks…

The Ultimate Fighter: Season 4 Catch-Up

Well our original plan was to do weekly episode recaps of the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter, but things were delayed a little bit. We will be doing that from this point forward, but first let’s get caught up on what has happened so far…

Episode 1:

The episode begins with the fighters entering the UFC training center and Dana White explaining how the competition will work. Instead of coaches, the fighters will have the opportunity to work with three trainers - Randy Couture, Georges St. Pierre, and Mark DellaGrotte along with other surprise trainers along the way. The winners of the Welterweight and Middleweight finals will receive $100,000 and a shot at the respective titles.

Each fighter selects a jersey from a box, which will put them on one of the two different teams. The teams end up as follows…

Grey Team:

Matt Serra
Shonie Carter
Chris Lytle
Din Thomas
Patrick Cote
Pete Sell
Edwin DeWees
Scott Smith

Blue Team:

Rich Clementi
Mikey Burnett
Jeremy Jackson
Pete Spratt
Charles McCarthy
Gideon Ray
Jorge Rivera
Travis Lutter

White then instructs the fighters to figure out a training schedule and come up with a team name. The Grey Team chooses Team Mojo and the Blue Team becomes Team No Love. White does a coin toss and Team No Love is given the opportunity to select who will participate in the first fight.

The next day, Team No Love announces that Rich Clementi will be taking on Shonie Carter from Team Mojo. Clementi feels that Carter is the weak link on Team Mojo as evidence by Shonie throwing up ater the team’s latest training session. At the weigh-ins the next day, both fighters’ history in the UFC is discussed by themselves and Dana White. Both fighters make weight and enter the octagon the nexy day.

The first round starts off with Carter landing a hard kick to Clementi’s ribs. Rich successfuly goes for a takedown and tries to control Shonie on the mat, but Carter gets back up to his feet. Both fighters exchange some strikes: Carter with punches; Clementi with leg kicks. Carter then connects with a roundhouse kick and a left to the face of Clementi, which causes Rich to smile. The two then each score a takedown before the round ends.

Both fighters go back to their corners where Clementi notes that Carter is very slippery and should be wiped down. The second round begins with Clementi connecting with a right cross. Clementi takes Carter down and goes for a mount which Shonie is able to escape. Clementi then goes for an armbar but Shonie is able to sweep Clementi and winds up on top. Clementi attempts a guillotine and a triangle while Carter swings away with punches.

Clementi works his way back to his feet, only to be kicked in the head again by Carter. They go to the clinch and exchange strikes until the end of the round. The judges go to the scorecards and Shonie Carter is named the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, Carter says that Clementi’s submissions were too weak and that he should try fighting at 155 lbs. Dana White goes to congratulate Clementi for his effort but Clementi continues to complain about how slippery Carter was.

Episode 2:

The show starts out with a recap of the Carter-Clementi fight. Team Mojo decides to hold a meeting where they discuss possible matchups and strategies for upcoming fights. Shonie falls asleep on the couch and leaves his journal sitting on the counter, which happens to have all of the team’s strategies written down. They confront Shonie about leaving his book out in the open and he apologizes.

Charles McCarthy is convinced that he will be the next one who has to fight. He asks a couple of members of Team Mojo about what their decision will be but none of them decide to comply with McCarthy’s request. Team No Love heads to the gym, only to take a day off and just lay around. Georges St. Pierre says that these veterans are pretty lazy while McCarthy says that the trainers understand that they need to stay healthy in order to fight.

When it comes time to announce the next matchup, Shonie Carter does it in a singing voice. He announces McCarthy’s name only to say that it won’t be him. McCarthy has to be told by Rich Clementi that he can step back before he realizes that he hasn’t been selected. Shonie then annouces that Edwin DeWees will be taking on Gideon Ray.

It is revealed that both fighters have a UFC record of 0-2. Ray has lost to David Loiseau and Mike Swick; DeWees to Rich Franklin and Chris Leben. The fight starts out with both fighters each throwing a few leg kicks. Edwin sees an opening and takes Gideon down to the mat where he is able to hold him down and land a good amount of strikes. Ray is eventually able to sweep DeWees and get into top position but the horn sounds to end the first round.

Edwin comes out very aggressive at the beginning of the second round. He quickly takes Gideon down once again and continues to throw strikes. Gideon connects with an elbow to the top of Edwin’s head, cutting him open and spilling blood all over the mat. The referee stops the fight so the doctor can examine the cut - The doctor determines that it will not affect Edwin’s vision and he allows the fight to continue. The fighters are put back into position again and Edwin continues to ground and pound while holding back the blood with his other hand. Edwin attempts a triangle and a rear naked choke but Gideon is able to slip out of the submissions.

The referee again stops the fight after the amount of blood becomes overwhelming. The doctor again allows Edwin to continue. The two exchange a series of leg kicks before Gideon takes Edwin down and throws some strikes. The two exchange from the bottom until the horn sounds to end the round. Dana White announces that there will be a sudden death third round.

Gideon attempts a spinning kick to begin the round but Edwin is able to dodge it and take advantage of Gideon’s awkward positiong by taking him down. Gideon tries to escape from the bottom while trying to dodge the blood from Edwin’s head at the same time. The referee stops the fight again so the blood can be wiped away from both fighters. Edwin continues to dominate on the ground and attempt an array of submissions before Gideon reverses the position and pounds away until the fight ends.

The judges decide that Edwin DeWees is the winner by unanimous decision. After the fight, Dana says how impressed he was with Edwin handling all of the blood pouring out of his head. Gideon says that he thought the fight should have been stopped because of the cut.

The Ultimate Fighter: Mexico and UK Coming Soon

In a recent article with the Miami Herald, UFC President Dana White stated that the UFC is currently in the works to put a deal together which would see them producing seasons of The Ultimate Fighter featuring Mexico and UK with fighters from their respective countries fighting.

“We’re trying to put a deal together right now for the Ultimate Fighter: Mexico, where we just have Mexican fighters. Same scenario, just for Mexico. Right now, the Ultimate Fighter plays in Mexico in English, and it’s a huge hit down there. We think Ultimate Fighter: Mexico will be huge. We’re doing the Ultimate Fighter: UK. That’s why we started with two guys from the UK last season. All three seasons have aired in the UK too.’‘

Also in the article Dana White stated that domestic agreements with ESPN and HBO are expected soon.

“There’s never a deal until a deal is done. . . . but, yeah, we’re going to do a deal with HBO,’’ White said. “HBO is getting pulled, kicking and screaming, into this thing. They’ve obviously spent millions of dollars on boxing. [HBO Sports president] Ross Greenberg has boxing gloves running through his veins. It’s a real kick in the [groin] for all the boxing people to see this thing coming up the way it is. It is what it is. It’s here. It’s not going anywhere. This is what all the young people like. It’s going to be around for a while.’‘

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