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Fight of the Day: Ray Mercer KO’s Tim Sylvia

If you haven’t seen it already, here it is, at least with the televised camera angle. From Monte Cox’s third “Adrenaline MMA” show on June 13 in Alabama, watch former boxing heavyweight champion Ray Mercer’s nine-second destruction of former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia, courtesy of HDNet’s “Inside MMA”.

Evening News and Notes: Sylvia-Mercer Set, Strikeforce Inks Thompson & More

Tim Sylvia. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Here are your news and notes for the evening of February 25, 2009.

  • Adrenaline MMA figurehead Monte Cox has confirmed that his client, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia, will face former Olympic boxing gold medalist Ray Mercer in a boxing match that will headline Adrenaline MMA’s third showing on May 30 at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The fight will be Sylvia’s first-ever professional boxing match.

  • Former BodogFight welterweight champion Nick Thomson revealed Wednesday that his contract with EliteXC has been picked up by Strikeforce, which purchased limited assets from ProElite earlier this month. “They just called me today and they’re going to pick me up. So I am now with Sengoku and Strikeforce,” Thompson told MMA Weekly. “The Goat” recently won a decision over British welterweight Paul Daley at the Maximum Fighting Championship’s latest event on February 20.

  • UFC veteran Alberto Crane will try to keep a three-fight winning streak alive when he faces current No Limit MMA welterweight champion Eric Regan in the main event of Rage in the Cage 123 on February 28 in Arizona. Since his release from the UFC, Crane has won three out of his last four fights. All of his wins have come by submission in the first round. Regan is most notable for dropping a decision against UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard last March.

  • CFFC 5 Results, Kimbo Submits Mercer

    Internet and street fighting legend Kimbo Slice looked impressive in his MMA debut submitting former WBO World Heavyweight Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Ray Mercer in under two minutes.


    Kimbo Slice VS Ray Mercer
    Heavyweight Exhibition

    Crowd chants for Kimbo. Mercer comes out to “Momma Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J. Mixed cheers and boos for Mercer but most people want to see Kimbo. Kimbo comes out to “This Is Why I’m Hot”, clearly showing Melvin Guillard’s cultural influence. Everyone is on their feet. Cheers drown out boos when Mercer is announced, but the crowd is erupting for Kimbo. They only announce him as “Kimbo” without the Slice. What happened? They jaw a bit during the standoff, crowd is on fire.

    Round 1

    Kimbo charges in, goes right for a takedown. Mercer grabs the cage but he goes down. Mercer up, they fight in the clinch. Big knees by Kimbo land. Mercer strikes but Kimbo answers with a combo and gets a double leg. Kimbo fighting, gets Mercer in to a choke. Mercer taps. Kimbo Slice wins by guillotine choke submission in round 1.

    Crowd chants for Kimbo, it really looks like Mercer didn’t train properly for this at all. Kimbo seems to need work himself but the important thing is he got rid of his pride and went with what worked. Hardly a technical showcase, but hell, it was only an exhibition. Kimbo sits on the cage, raising his arms in victory. Tank Abbott is up now, approaching the ring. He congratulates Kimbo. Tank looks like he’s calling Kimbo out, points at him but they’re being respectful. That’s surprising. Kimbo calls out to the crowd, says he was training for MMA. He calls Tank out, says they have to talk and make the fight happen. They are starting to get aggressive, the crowd loves it and calls for Tank to jump the cage. Tank looks like he’s going to do it. CFFC suits say the fight will happen.

    Props to 411mania.com for providing excellent coverage on the evenings event. Interesting to see MMA legend Tank Abbott in attendance and calling out Kimbo Slice. That could be an interesting fight…

    CFFC 5 Results

    Al Buck def. Brian Demuro - Decision (Unanimous)
    Lyman Good def. Doug Gordon - Decision (Unanimous)
    Nick Cantone def. John Howard - Decision (Unanimous)
    Jim Miller def. Anthony Morrison - Submission (Triangle Choke)
    Nick Serra def. Mike Varner - Submission (Armbar)
    Dante Rivera def. Alexis Aquino - Submission (Heel Hook)
    Gregor Gracie def. Josh Lydell - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
    Deividas Taurosevicius def. Kevin Roddy - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
    Josh Rhodes def. Noah Inhoffer - TKO
    Kimbo Slice def. Ray Mercer - Submission (Guillotine)

    CKA: Jun 20, 2007

    News and Notes

    - Our rumors page has been updated…

    - A rib injury suffered while training with Miletich Fighting Systems is the reason why Corey Hill won’t be fighting on this weekend’s The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale according to his coach on the reality show, Jens Pulver. Pulver broke the news during a recent interview with CBS Sportsline:

    Corey is injured. He hurt a rib and the thing was, he went home to visit with his family. It’s a pretty bad tear. I don’t know if he broke a rib or what was going on. But that’s the only reason. He was training hard, he was ready, he was pumped and then he injured himself about two weeks ago.

    - Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer is reporting that the scheduled bout between Michael Bisping and Matt Hamill is still on:

    Regarding rumors regarding the next UFC in London, England, Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill is still the scheduled match on that show. There are rumors regarding Bisping vs. Ken Shamrock, that may have been discussed but it is not the current plan.

    - The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board has confirmed that this weekend’s bout between Ray Mercer and Kimbo Slice at CFFC 5 is an exhibition match. The fight will feature three five minute rounds and will not be judged by official judges from the state, the CFFC would have to bring in their own guys.

    - ESPN is currently running an interesting piece concerning the MMA vs Boxing debate.

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    UFC 71 Conference Call Reveals Rua Signing, PRIDE Update, Sanchez Retirement Talk, and More

    Earlier today UFC President Dana White held a conference call with various members of the media in order to discuss this weekend’s UFC 71 event. Many other topics were touched upon and just like our recap of the UFC 70 conference call, we’ve got everything covered…

    White’s Thoughts on UFC 71’s main event: Chuck Liddell vs Quinton Jackson:

    White came right out and said that he was very excited for the fight as is everyone. He said that the mentality of both fighters are going to make it an exciting fight. He said that Chuck’s striking is obviously going to give Jackson trouble but so will Jackson’s athletic ability for Liddell. White stated that style-wise, it’s a bad matchup for Liddell and that we were able to see that in the first fight between the two.

    White pressed on the fact that Liddell has the opportunity in front of him to finally avenge every loss that he’s ever suffered. One of the most interesting things that White said was that Jackson usually “fights to the level of his competition”. He noted that Jackson beat Marvin Eastman but he did it in a fashion that nobody was really impressed by. White said that because Liddell is such a high-caliber fighter, Jackson’s game will be on that same level and he will look much better in this fight then when he fought Eastman at UFC 67.

    White briefly touched on Liddell’s controversial segment on Good Morning Dallas a few months back where he appeared to be under the influence of something. White attributed Liddell’s state to the lifestyle that he lives due to being famous. White said that he and other UFC officials promptly took care of the matter when it arose and that everything is fine now concerning that situtation.

    White Discusses Potential Signing of Mauricio Rua; Possible Addition of Wanderlei Silva:

    It’s been rumored for about a week now that the UFC has signed Mauricio Rua. Well White went ahead and all but confirmed that Rua will be part of the UFC when he said that the winner of Saturday night’s Liddell-Jackson bout will then have to face a challenger that the UFC is bringing in. White also said that the challenger will be revealed during the UFC 71 broadcast.

    When asked who that challenger could be, White said that it could be one of two people - Mauricio Rua and Wanderlei Silva. However White then talked into detail about Rua and how he will most likely be fighting Liddell within the next year, all but confirming that the UFC has come to terms with him. White also made the surprising announcement that the UFC “has to bring in Wanderlei Silva”. White said that the winner of Saturday’s fight could also possibly be facing Silva in their next fight as well.

    White Gives an Update on PRIDE Sale:

    The whole PRIDE ordeal was definitely the most asked question during the conference call but it was also the one topic that White couldn’t really give any definitive answers to. White blamed the reason behind his lack of a definite answer on his busy travel schedule - That doesn’t make any sense, I know but he said it. White assured everyone that the fans would still be able to see the marquee matchups between fighters of both organizations at some point this year.

    White Talks Huerta Sports Illustrated Cover, Sanchez’s Thoughts on Retirement, Vera’s Status, and St.Pierre-Koscheck at UFC 74:

    White praised Roger Huerta for making the cover of Sports Illustrated and went on to talk about how the sport of MMA is finally becoming mainstream and achieving the dream that White and the Fertitta Brothers had for it. He also made a mention of Chuck Liddell’s appearance on the cover of ESPN the Magazine.

    The most shocking thing that was discussed during the press conference was White’s confession that Diego Sanchez nearly announced his retirement one day before UFC 69 because doctor’s thought that he had contracted Hepatitis C. Doctors ran multiple tests on Sanchez after that and they kept on coming up negative so they then ruled that he in fact did not have Hepatitis C and the test where he tested positive was faulty. According to White, the doctors still thought that something was wrong with Sanchez, but because they couldn’t figure it out, they let him fight anyway. The next day, Sanchez was diagnosed with a staph infection after an enormous hole developed on his leg.

    White assured everyone that Brandon Vera was still with the company and will remain with the company for a long time to come. Vera is currently figuring out personal matters between him and his former manager before he starts actively fighting again. White stated that the winner of the fight between Josh Koscheck and Georges St. Pierre at UFC 74 would get the winner of the Matt Serra-Matt Hughes welterweight title bout at some point in the winter.

    White Bashes the NJSAC, K-1, IFL, and Tito Ortiz:

    White openly bashed the New Jersey State Athletic Commission for deciding to sanction the upcoming June bout between underground fighting legend Kimbo Slice and former heavyweight champion Ray Mercer. Despite the criticism, White mentioned that the UFC would most likely be returning to the state later this year. K-1 got just as much of White’s wrath for the strong possibility that their Dynamite!! USA show scheduled for June 2nd may be cancelled. White said that the promotion was insane for thinking that could fill up the Los Angeles Coliseum when in fact they have trouble filling up small ballrooms in Las Vegas for their kickboxing tournaments.

    White’s bashing of the IFL and Tito Ortiz was pretty much the same as always: The IFL is “retarded” and Ortiz is a baby…

    Kimbo vs. Mercer Press Conference

    FightBeat.com posted footage of the Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5 press conference promoting Kimbo Silce vs. Ray Mercer. CFFC 5 is scheduled to take place Saturday, June 23rd at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

    CFFC 5 Card

    Kimbo Slice vs. Ray Mercer
    Josh Rhodes vs. Homer Moore
    Devidas Taurosevictus vs. Josh Neer
    Mike Varner vs. Nick Serra
    Jim Miller vs. Anthony Morrison
    Danter Rivera vs. Alexis Aquino
    Dan Miller vs. John Howard
    Doug Gordon vs. Lyman Good
    Gregor Gracie vs. Josh Lydell
    Brian Demuro vs. Al Buck

    Kimbo Slice Makes MMA Debut on June 23rd Against Mercer

    NEW YORK - Ray Mercer, a former WBO heavyweight boxing champ and gold medalist in the 1988 Olympics, will take on no-knuckle boxing and Internet legend Kimbo Slice in a three-round exhibition bout utilizing professional MMA rules at the Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5 show, said matchmaker Gary Marino today. Dubbed “Brawl at the Hall”, CFFC 5 will take place on June


    23rd at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey .

    “I’m very, very excited,” said Marino. “I’ve been working on trying to get Kimbo a fight for the last year. He’s a great draw, and he’s got a huge following for his fights.” Marino added: “Ray Mercer was at the Cage Fury Fighting Championship 3 show and speculated that he’d like to try [MMA], and he called me a couple weeks ago asking me to get him a fight. It’s perfect for both guys, for their style and who they are. Kimbo’s a big banger and so is Mercer.”

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