Couture Draws Jacare at PSL

Randy “The Natural” Couture fought submission specialist Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza Dos Santos to a draw last night at the Professional Submission League.

Also on the card was grappling phenom Marcelo Garcia who made easy work of Jake Sheilds.

Couture Returns to Action

Randy Couture will be returning to action on November 17th in Los Angeles in a different style of fighting - He will be fighting in the PSL: The Professional Submission League.

Couture will go up against Ronaldo Souza in a submission wrestling match at PSL: X-Mission

Couture voiced his excitment about the opportunity:

“It’s a fun opportunity for me to get into grappling. I never had the chance to do the competitive grappling stuff because of fighting,” said Couture. “I’m looking at it as something to motivate me to go to the gym, continue to train and just enjoy the competition.”

“Training is going pretty well,” added Couture. “I’m crawling back into shape, getting my sprints in and getting back into competitive shape.”

‘The Natural’ also discussed his opponent and his plans to prepare for the bout in terms of weight issues…

“He’s [“Jacare”] not terribly big, he’s 185-190 pounds. He’s a very accomplished Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. It should be very competitive,” commented Randy. “I’m going to come down to 225 [pounds] for the match. I’m around 230 right now so that shouldn’t be too big of a problem.”