Quick Hits: Huerta Considering UFC Return, Vasquez to Replace Hominick & More

Roger Huerta. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

— Despite announcing his intention to focus on his acting career full-time, UFC lightweight contender Roger Huerta is now considering a full-time return to the organization following a split decision loss to Gray Maynard at last week’s UFC Fight Night 19 that fulfilled his latest UFC contract. “I can’t go out with two losses in a row,” Huerts said. “I don’t think I’m going to call it quits anytime soon. I’m still open to acting. Hopefully we get something going with that, but I’m not going to prioritize acting now. I’ll still prioritize fighting. If the UFC wants me back, I’d be willing to go back.” [Sherdog.com]

— Seasoned veteran Javier Vasquez has been tapped to replace an injured Mark Hominick against Deividas Taurosevicius in a featherweight bout at WEC 43 on October 10 in San Antonio, Texas. Hominick will reportedly be sidelined for about a month due to a reoccurring back injury. Vasquez fell in his WEC debut last month, dropping a split decision to L.C. Davis at WEC 42. [MMA Junkie]

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NSAC Approves Instant Replay and Takes Action Against Greasing

B.J. Penn. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission held a meeting last week that saw a new rule get passed allowing referees in Nevada to utilize instant replay.

Also approved was a rule prohibiting the use of a foreign substance on a fighter’s body prior to or during a fight that could result in an unfair advantage. According to MMAWeekly.com, NSAC executive director Keith Kizer said the rules could take effect in as early as 30 days.

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Cole Province Tests Positive Following WEC 42

Cole Province. Photo property of World Extreme Cagefighting.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has announced that Cole Province tested positive for Methasterone metabolite folowing his bout with Fredson Paixao at WEC 42, which took place on Aug. 9 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to MMAWeekly.com, Methasterone is a “designer steroid” taken orally that is similar to Drostanolone, the steroid that both Hermes Franca and Josh Barnett tested positive for in California.

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NSAC Suspends Sherk for Post-Fight Exit, Maybe

Sean Sherk. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Following his surprising unanimous decision loss to Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 this past weekend, Sean Sherk has been suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for 45 days. On top of his required medical suspension that is. At least so he says.

Just as Dana White stated after the bout, Sherk literally ran out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with no shirt, and his fight shorts and gloves still on, neglecting to even give the ringside doctor a second to look him over.

According to Sherk, his emotions were running high and he went outside to take a jog and keep his emotions in check after suffering just the fourth loss of his career and his first defeat to a fighter that hasn’t currently or previously held the UFC welterweight title:

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Penn Not Interested in Fighting in Vegas Again

Just like Sean Sherk after his battle with the California State Athletic Commission over a disputed positive steroids test, UFC lightweight king B.J. Penn now wants no business with the state of Nevada after commission officials recently stated that disciplinary action over UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s debated vaseline use during their UFC 94 fight is unlikely.

In his latest video blog (which is above), Penn states that he has “no interest” in ever fighting in Las Vegas or Nevada again and that NSAC figurehead Keith Kizer “can’t be trusted”. Penn also discusses his preparation for his title defense against Kenny Florian, which will come on August 8 in Philadelphia at UFC 101.

Evening News and Notes: Couture Agrees to Fight Nogueira; Kelly to Lightweight & More

Randy Couture. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Here are your news and notes for the evening of February 26, 2009.

  • Former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Randy Couture has reportedly agreed to fight former UFC and PRIDE heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at a planned bout that would tentatively take place at UFC 101 in August. The event could take place in Portland, Oregon. The UFC is currently awaiting a response from Nogueira’s camp.

  • Georges St. Pierre’s camp has filed a formal response to the allegations B.J. Penn and his trainers made following their fight at UFC 94 on January 31. The complete letter sent to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which was sent yesterday afternoon, can be found here. In the statement, St. Pierre and his camp said that they “did not do anything to jeopardize either Georges’ reputation or the integrity of the sport and have done nothing to violate NSAC rules or to otherwise impugn the outcome of UFC 94”.

  • British fighter Paul Kelly has apparently made the decision to drop down to the lightweight division following his unanimous decision victory over Troy Mandaloniz at UFC 95 last weekend. “I’m definitely dropping to 155-pounds now,” Kelly told UFC.com. “It makes sense. I was eating a big breakfast on the morning of the weigh-in last Friday. While everyone else is dying to make weight, I’m sitting there with a big bowl of muesli and a glass of orange juice. I’ll just have to cut 10-pounds and that’s it. It’s no big deal.”

  • Penn Asks for Investigation Into GSP Greasing Controversy

    B.J. Penn. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    It’s not a formal complaint, but B.J. Penn and his camp have sent a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission through their lawyer, asking that Keith Kizer and company make sure that St. Pierre and those that worked his corner are “properly dealt with”:

    In Nahabedian’s letter to the commission, he wrote, “Simply put, by lubricating GSP’s body, a highly slippery surface was created that completely neutralized an innocent participant’s abilities and strategy to the advantage of GSP.” It goes on to add, “More importantly, by neutralizing Mr. Penn’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu abilities through the use of illegal and improper means, Mr. Penn was subjected to a life-threatening and career-ending environment; an environment that the Commission was armed to protect against.”

    Nahabedian claims that Penn’s camp told the commission prior to the bout of the possibility of St. Pierre greasing. During the fight, commission members did towel down St. Pierre, but Penn’s letter makes it clear the UFC welterweight champion was still too slippery.

    Kizer said Penn’s cornermen Greg Jackson and Phil Nurse could face a fine or suspension, but would have a chance to answer for their actions before any penalty was handed down.

    It’s key to note that Kizer mentioned that Jackson and Nurse could face a fine or suspension, but not the revocation of their license. Preventing the two from ever working a corner again would hurt the fighters they work with and inadvertently the sport, in more ways than one.

    Wilson’s Broken Nose Tops UFC 94 Medical Suspensions

    Chris Wilson. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

    The Nevada State Athletic Commission has released the official list of medical suspensions stemming from this past weekend’s UFC 94 event, which took place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

    The lengthiest suspension was handed to Team Quest product Chris Wilson, who suffered a broken nose during a losing “Fight of the Night” effort against John Howard, and has been medically suspended until July 31. He will be able to be cleared early by a physician but is not permitted to participate in contact-related training until March 3.

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    Keith Kizer Comments on Vaseline Controversy

    Georges St. Pierre. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    More and more facts are coming out regarding Phil Nurse allegedly rubbing Vaseline on the back and shoulders of Georges St. Pierre during his fight against B.J. Penn this past Saturday. So who was the Nevada State Athletic Commission official that entered the Octagon and warned GSP’s corner? Turns out it was Keith Kizer himself:

    “After the first round, one of my inspectors came to me and told me he thought he saw one of the cornermen—I believe it was Phil Nurse … after putting Vaseline on [St. Pierre’s] face, he saw him rub his shoulders, and it appeared as though he might not have wiped off his hands,” Kizer said. “After the second round, we observed Mr. Jackson putting Vaseline on Mr. St. Pierre’s face and then putting his hand on his back.”

    At that point, Kizer attempted to get Jackson’s attention from outside the cage.

    “I don’t think he heard me because of all the noise in the arena, so I immediately walked into the Octagon myself—I’ve probably done that two other times in my career—and told him to take his hand off Mr. St. Pierre’s back,” he said. “We took a towel and wiped off his back. After the third round, we went in again and made sure his back and shoulders were wiped off to ensure a level playing field.”

    So according to Kizer it was both Phil Nurse and Greg Jackson that were rubbing St. Pierre’s back in between rounds. He’s right too, because all sorts of television angles have shown both cornermen doing it multiple times. With that said, it doesn’t mean they were rubbing Vaseline on his back either.

    Is this going to turn into that serious of a situation? I don’t know. At the moment, it’s pretty serious… everyone is going crazy over it. However the NSAC has yet reprimand St. Pierre’s camp nor has Penn’s side filed a complaint with the commission. There’s a lot to be done and a lot of waiting to take place.

    UFC 94 Notes: Penn Set to File Complaint With NSAC Over GSP Greasing

    B.J. Penn. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

    If you thought that the war between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn was over, think again. Penn’s camp has informed Sherdog.com that they intend to file a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission after officials spotted one of St. Pierre’s cornermen allegedly rubbed Vaseline on his back in between the first and second and then the second and third rounds.

    “We are not trying to make excuses, but the NSAC needs to protect the fighters,” Penn told Sherdog.com via text message. “They never notified us or completely wiped his back with water and towels.”

    Various reports are circulating that following the conclusion of the first round, Phil Nurse, who has been working St. Pierre’s corner for a number of years, was caught by someone sitting at ringside rubbing Vaseline on St. Pierre’s back and shoulders. It has yet to be confirmed that this person was former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, but “The Iceman” was the first to inform UFC President Dana White of the incident after the conclusion of the fight, which St. Pierre won via fourth-round doctor’s stoppage.

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