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- Our rumors section has been updated…

- The IFL has announced that it has signed welterweight Mark Miller to a contract extension through the end of 2008.

- Bubba the Love Sponge mentioned on his satellite radio show yesterday that he ran into Dan Henderson over the weekend and Henderson mentioned that he would be fighting in December and possibly at middleweight:

It appears that Dan Henderson may very well be fighting on the UFC 79 Nemesis December 29th card. While on a trip to Vegas this weekend, Bubba the Love Sponge mentioned on his Satellite Radio program today that he ran into Henderson. He stated that Dan mentioned in conversation that he thought he would be fighting in December. Bubba went on to say that Dan would not say who he would be fighting, but did mention that he may be fighting at 185 lbs.

- MMA Junkie is reporting that Pete Spratt will take on Tristan Yunker at HDNet Fights II in December.

- UFC Mania has now become MMA Mania...

- HCF CEO Keith Crawford and Scott Zerr of Maximum Fighting Championship exchanged heated press releases yesterday. Crawford claimed that the slated MFC bout between Shonie Carter and Brad Zazulak is a complete mismatch and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. Zerr fired back with claims that Crawford’s company is losing money and not paying their fighters on time.

- Kevin Randleman is currently in the hospital, dealing with an extremely severe staph infection. .I’m not going to upload the pictures of his infection on here because it’s pretty tough on the eyes but you can see it here.

Randleman was apparently in critical condition for three weeks:

Kevin spent three weeks in the hospital and was released two weeks ago. After having a look at that picture I could only assume that it was painful, Kevin offered this: “I was in critical condition for almost three weeks and I am two weeks out of the hospital now.” He continued, “pain is just part of the healing, and it hurts a lot.”

Painful indeed as one could only assume two holes in the side of your body could be. Kevin is doing okay now but will need to be careful. “I had two organs shut down again. I think what I need to do is stop enduring the pain and go see the doctors earlier.”

- Dave Meltzer has an excellent piece on how olympic-skilled wrestlers have revolutionized MMA’s heavyweight division over the years.

Radio Schedule

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1-3 PM EST - The Jordan Breen Show
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Hollett Suffers Knee Injury; Out Indefinitely

Roger Hollett will be out of action for an indefinite amount of time after suffering an injury to his left knee during his recent loss to Lew Polley at ECC 6: Hometown Heroes last weekend.

The injury has forced Hollett to pull out of his scheduled title defense against Ryan McClain at MFC 14: High Rollers.

Hollett’s knee was dislocated when he attemped to avoid a takedown attempt from Polley early on in the first round of their fight. Hollett fell to the ground and the referee eventually stopped the fight while Polley rained down unanswered strikes on his injured opponent.

Hollett will undergo an MRI on his knee later today to get an official diagnosis. Rehab is expected to take at least a month, meaning he may not even be able to train until December.

MFC has replaced the Hollett-McClain main event with a fight between Brad Zazulak and UFC veteran Shonie Carter:

“Shonie is a one-of-a-kind star athlete,” said MFC President Mark Pavelich. “No one can match his style, his personality and definitely no one can match his wardrobe. But make no mistake - Shonie is a tremendous fighter and a very dangerous opponent. There are few fighters with his level of experience and even fewer who can finish a fight in so many different ways like Shonie can.”

“However Brad is absolutely no pushover and Shonie better be ready to fight,” Pavelich added. “Brad has shown in past MFC events that his ready for bigger challenges and he eagerly accepted the opportunity to face such an accomplished veteran.”

MFC 14: High Rollers Card

The Maximum Fighting Championship will return to the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton, Alberta on November 23 with its card titled MFC 14: “High Rollers”. Headlining the card will be newly crowned MFC light heavyweight champion Roger “The Hulk” Hollett.

MFC 14: High Rollers

Roger Hollett vs. TBA
Ryan Ford vs. Mike Sorenson
Ryan McGillivray vs. Steve Vujnovic
Donald Sanchez vs. Ryan Heck
Fabio Holanda vs. Aaron Riley

MFC: Lucky 13 Results

Here are the full results from MFC: Lucky 13.

Roger Hollett def. Victor Valimaki - KO at 2:06 of RD 1
Donald Sanchez def. Ryan McGillivray - Decision (Unanimous)
Ryan Ford def. Randy Valette - TKO at 2:07 of RD 1
Brad Zazaluk def. Luke Harris - TKO at 1:27 of RD 1
Ryan Heck def. Mike Bell - Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:44 of RD 1
Dwayne Lewis def. Clay Davidson - TKO at 1:41 of RD 1
Nick Penner def. David Lainoff - Submission (Kimura) at 1:57 of RD 1
Jason Kushera def. Steve Dubeck - TKO at 0:28 of RD 1
Mike Gates def. Jason Biggeman - Submission (Armbar) - at 1:22 of RD 1
Jason Randle def. J.C. Cousins - TKO at 1:13 of RD 1
Mike Sorenson def. Josh Fletcher - TKO at 4:46 of RD 2

Hat tip to Sportsnet.

Update: 3:25 am: Here are a few clips from MFC 13.

Hat tip to “RYENCOKE” from

Stephane Patry and Mark Pavelich Exchange Words

In a recent interview with MFC president Mark Pavelich stated that he didn’t think that TKO, an established MMA organization in Montreal, was much of a draw outside of its native province of Quebec.

Pavelich admitted that he’d prefer to do shows in Canada. But there are limitations. In Ontario it’s not legally sanctioned. And in Quebec, TKO is already the established circuit. On top of that, he doesn’t see TKO as a big draw outside of La Belle Province.

“The bottom line is people in Alberta do not care what goes on in Quebec,” Pavelich said. “And most of the time, people in Ontario don’t even care. I didn’t make the rules. My wife’s from Montreal, my kids were born in Montreal. It’s just stating the facts.

TKO president Stephane Patry fired back in The Fight Network’s latest edition of “Great Fight North” saying TKO garners much more media coverage then MFC and produces a much better show.

“That’s bullshit,” said Patry. “At our last show [June], we made the cover page of the biggest newspaper in Montreal. We’re getting way more coverage then he does media-wise. We have all the radio stations covering [TKO], we have a weekly television show here and we’re everywhere on The Fight Network.”

“Mark Pavelich’s shows are a joke,” claims Patry. “Pavelich’s show is basically a ring with a light above it and two guys fighting, that’s it.

“From seeing what’s going on in the country, I would say number two is Hardcore [Championship Fighting] right now,” Patry said. “In my opinion, they have a better looking show then the other guys. Production value means everything; it’s so important if you want to be major league. I don’t feel Mark’s shows look all that professional.”


MFC: Lucky 13 Card

Here is the full card for MFC Lucky 13 which is scheduled to take place August 24th, 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Victor Valimaki vs. Roger Hollett - MFC Light Heavyweight title
Ryan McGillivray vs. Donald Sanchez
Ryan Ford vs. Randy Valette
Chad Cox vs. Dwayne Lewis
Mike Bell vs. Ryan Heck
Brad Zazaluk vs. Luke Harris
Sean Huffman vs. Jason Biggeman
J.C. Cousins vs. Jason Randle
David Lainoff vs. Nick Penner
Steve Dubeck vs. Jason Kushera
Josh Fletcher vs. Mike Sorenson

MFC 12: High Stakes Results

MFC 12: High Stakes Results

Scott Junk def. Jimmy Ambriz - TKO (Couldn’t Answer the Bell)
Roger Hollett def. Shane Biever - KO
Fabio Holanda def. Sean Krysa - TKO
Ryan Ford def. Aaron Gallant - TKO
Ryan McGillivray def. Graydon Tannas - Decision (Split)
Andrew Buckland def. Sean Wright - Submission (Guillotine)
Jason Zorthian def. Kevin Dolan - Submission (Armbar)
Jason Biggeman def. Gerry Johnson - Submission (Kimura)
Josh Kyrejto def. Dylan Walton - TKO
Josh Gallant def. Dustin Graber - Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Brad Zazuak def. Ron McNulty - Submission (Guillotine)

- UFC veteran Victor Valimaki’s fight was scratched after his opponent Mark Hicks suffered a self-inflicted injury in the warmup.

- BJJ specialist Fabio Holanda requested that his next MFC fight was for the lightweight title.

MFC 12: Jimmy “The Titan” Ambriz Replaces Wade Shipp

UFC veteran Wade Shipp has backed out of his June 22nd heavyweight clash with Scott Junk at MFC 12: High Stakes due to an undisclosed injury. Taking Shipp’s place will be Jimmy “The Titan” Ambriz.

Jimmy Ambriz sports a solid record of 10-6-1. The versatile veteran has stepped into the ring with the likes of former UFC heavyweight champs Josh Barnett and Ricco Rodriguez, Ron Waterman, Jerome LeBanner, and Dan Christison. Ambriz holds victories over Vince Lucero, Jonathan Ivey and Dan Bobish.

Scott Junk sports a mixed martial arts record of 5-1 and he is currently on a five-fight win streak. Junk lost his MMA debut to former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez but since then he has won five straight beating Vilatonu Fonokalaifi, Hideki Tadao, Corey Salter, John George, and Dominic Richard.

MFC 11: Gridiron Weigh-In Results

Here are the weigh-in results for MFC 11: Gridiron.

Jared Kilkenny (204.2) vs. Victor Valimaki (204.6)
Ryan Jimmo (231.6) vs. Adam Braidwood (253.2)
Roger Hollett (203.6) vs. Mike Maurer (204.0)
Steve Bruno (171.2) vs. Graydon Tannas (170.0)
Matt Dutkoski (169.4) vs. Nigel Zettergreen (172.8)
Aaron Gallant (167.8) vs. Ryan McGillivray (170.4)
Dan Chambers (184.8) vs. Sean Locke (185.0)
Tim Blanchard (166.4) vs. Ryan Machan (169.6)
Kyle Ayotte (167.2) vs. Mike Bell (169.4)
Paul Ebejer (145.6) vs. Josh Kyrejto (145.8)

This show has garnered alot of coverage in Canada due to the fact that the CFL’s Most Valuable Canadian at the 2005 CFL Grey Cup, Mike Maurer is appearing on the card. Also on the card will be UFC veteran Victor Valimaki.

Alvarez Wins Welterweight Belt

Eddie Alvarez took home Mixed Fighting Championship’s first ever welterweight championship, stopping Derrick Noble one minute into the first round at MFC’s USA vs Russia III this weekend.

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