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CSAC Finalizes K-1 Dynamite!! USA Suspensions

The California State Athletic Commission finalized the suspensions and fines stemming from the positive drug results of Royce Gracie, Johnnie Morton, and Tim Persey after the post-fight testing for K-1 Dynamite!! USA on June 2nd earlier today.

As it pertains to Gracie - He chose to not submit an appeal his suspension and fine for testing positive for Nandrolone, a type of anabolic steroid. Gracie was fined $2500 and will serve his one year suspension.

Morton tested positive for unusually high levels of testosterone and then failed to submit a test for drugs of abuse to the CSAC. He also failed to appear in front of the comission in order to give an explanation for his actions. Morton was then fined $7500 and his athlete’s license in the state of California has been revoked. He is eligible to apply for a new license in one year.

Persey did not appeal his suspension after testing positive for the drug methamphetamine. Persey was fined $1000 and suspended for six months.

Morton Tests Positive for Steroids

The California State Athletic Commission announced today that Johnnie Morton has tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Former NFL football player Johnnie Morton (Pictures) has tested positive for anabolic steroids following his mixed martial arts debut on June 2, California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer Armando Garcia informed Wednesday afternoon.

In order to receive a license to fight, Morton, 35, was required to undergo a pre-fight urinalysis. According to Garcia, Sample A came back as positive for a “very elevated TE ratio, which is testosterone. And that is 83.9—the normal industry standard for an athlete is 6.”

Garcia said Sample B confirmed the results, and “that is consistent with anabolic steroid use.”

Morton faces the revocation of his license as well as a maximum $2,500 fine. Disciplinary action is on hold until the CSAC receives the results for Morton’s drugs of abuse tests. Garcia said Morton was notified via letter several days after the fight, and that he has 10 days to respond if he wishes to receive a hearing in front of the commission. As of Wednesday afternoon, Morton had not responded.

CSAC Suspends Johnnie Morton Indefinitely is reporting former USC Trojan wide receiver Johnnie Morton has been suspended indefinitely by the California State Athletic Commission after refusing to take his post-fight drug test.

Following his mixed martial arts debut tonight in Los Angeles, former NFL football player Johnny Morton was indefinitely suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after the 35-year-old from Torrance, Calif. refused to take his post-fight anti-doping test, CSAC Executive Officer Armando Garcia told

According to the article, Morton will be not be paid the $100,000 purse he was slated to make for fighting Bernard Ackah. The CSAC will now test the urine sample Morton provided prior to his fight.

Johnnie Morton, Mighty Mo Quotes

Johnnie Morton and Mighty Mo will be featured performers on “Softbank presents Dynamite!! USA in association with ProElite” on Saturday, June 2, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Morton, who will make his MMA debut against Bernard Ackah, and Mo, who meets Mu Bae Choi, will fight in two of the fights that will be produced and distributed live by SHOWTIME® Pay-Per-View (10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT).

The SHOWTIME® PPV fights will be preceded by a one-hour telecast on SHOWTIME® (9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT) that will feature some of ProElite’s EliteXC top performers such as Antonio “Big Foot” Silva and Jake Shields. 

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